Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hot Summer Days

This past weekend we drove to the other end of Tassie for a family wedding. I forgot how hot it is inland, I'm a spoiled costal girl & I'm grateful for those ocean winds & the coolness they bring me on long hot summer days.

The closer inland we drove the sweatier we became. By the time we checked in at emptied the car into the cabin the boys were desperate to hit the pool in the caravan park. We told them it had to wait as we needed to run up to the shop & grab a couple of things we'd forgotten. While we were out we decided to head down to the river.

There's nothing quite like water on a hot day, is there? We started out debating where we'd park for the wedding we were attending the following day, debating which sites we'd try to see before hand, & then Jayden asked if he could get in the river. We joined him.

It wasn't deep, but it was cool & refreshing & just what we needed. There was a lot of splashing happening which the ducks let us know they were very pleased with. We had our photo taken by random tourists which always cracks us up. It sounds weird, but you have to remember our state survives largely on tourism.

As we debated heading back to the cabin for a proper swim & some dinner Jayden said, "Wait, I can't go right now I'm Jesus!" We turned to look & as he sat on the edge of the viewing platform he made his feet walk on the water. Oh how we laughed, & chased off the pesky picture snapping tourist.

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Susie said...

We could really do with some hot summer days over here - it has rained and rained for months!!! Maybe we should swap some of our water for some of your sunshine ;-)