Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy 13th Birthday

Morgan turned 13th this month. We've reached that point where a single box of candles is no longer enough, & the word teen now applies at the end of his age. We've heard rumours about those terrible years known as emotional teen years, but so far we've been quite blessed with a placid teen who, tends to make us laugh more then rage.

I had to resort to a store bought cake on his actual birthday as after swim lessons we went to play with friends & ended up staying far longer then I realised, the downfalls of losing my watch in the current move! On our way home I realised I'd also left the roast sitting on the counter instead of sitting in the crockpot. As you can tell, I am not an age that ends with teen all though it still takes more then one box of candles for my children to light the cake afire.

Thankfully Morgan is, & pretty much always has been, a go with the flow kinda boy. So he was gleeful to actually pick a cake from the bakery & searched high & low until he found a cake that was dairy free so Jayden could indulge as well. I took their word for it that it tasted awesome, all though the remainder sat in the pantry long enough I finally ditched it.

Between several of us he received an ipad mini, a case of his choosing for it, & an itunes gift card. Honestly, it's a rather extravagant gift even for thirteen, but he relies heavily on our original & very outdated ipad or ipod for school purposes. Having to update one of them was on the cards & we figured why not do so for his birthday? So we did. It's a huge help for him in regards to schooling with his SSS, & now all his ebooks & audio books are in one place. His school list is on it which I can update from my computer to greet him each day, & he loves waking up early & sending messages via imessage to Gram. It's pretty sad, but I'm pretty sure my child talks to my mother then I do!

Needless to say he was quite blown away with his gift & shocked & had to open the box to be sure we weren't trying to play a trick on him. Always good for a laugh that is! All though thanks to his lovely gift he was eager to do school on his birthday just so he could use his lovely new toy. In fact during one of Jayden's science lessons Morgan came in to announce he'd had to tell people he couldn't chat with them he was busy doing school. Once he left the room I had a bit of a laugh..

It turned into a bit of a birthday week around here as Jayde & I made Morgan a mint chocolate chip ice cream pie that was dairy & gluten free for his proper desert the following day & I remembered to put the roast in the crockpot & fix his favourite potatoes. We had family over for games & more ice cream pie on Sunday afternoon. The kids are now convinced ice cream pie is the only way to go for birthdays!

Our local Coles has been selling these, which is the only upside to their change in the Gluten Free Range, but I won't rant about that at the moment.. These cookies have excess filling in them so I put one row of cookies in with the icing & pulled the other 2 rows apart removing the icing. We crushed them in the blender & then added about a teaspoon of coconut oil to help bind it a bit before pressing it into a pie plate.

We've tweaked our traditional ice cream recipe to be allergy friendly around here:

Honey Ice Cream

4 cups of Light Coconut Milk {we use the AYAM brand which is not only light but organic, all though I can only get the milk from one of our local IGAs}
4 Cups of Light Coconut Cream {again I use the AYAM brand which is available at my local Coles}
1 cup honey
1/4 t salt
2 T vanilla

Mix it all in the blender, & use in your ice cream maker.

I only make a half batch of this at a time, a full batch will make 2 full pies like the one pictured above. When making it minty I sub the vanilla for mint & add a handful or two of baby spinach leaves while blending. My Blend Tech type blender leaves no specks behind & no one knew until they caught me in the act!

For dairy free chocolate chips we get the 70% Dark Lindt Chocolate, 2 bars per half batch of ice cream. We throw it in the food processor until it's roughly the size of chocolate chips. I don't add this until the ice cream is nearly done & can easily hold it's shape when you pull a spoonful out of the ice cream maker.

Even for a half batch of ice cream I only half fill my ice cream maker. In order to get light & creamy ice cream you need to leave a lot of room for this stuff to freeze & expand. By only half filling your ice cream maker you'll get lighter creamier ice cream. We have 2 ice cream makers that we half fill & run at the same time per every half batch of this cream.

Once you add the chocolate chips & they are thoroughly mixed in just spread this into your pie shell & put in the freezer until firm. If you only mix a half batch at a time in two makers like I describe above we found that mixing it up in the morning & serving it in the afternoon was fine. Otherwise you might need to let it firm up more. Keep covered with plastic wrap in the freezer & you'll want to let the left overs soften a little before serving.

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