Thursday, February 27, 2014

Atom Video

Yesterday morning I dug out an old Bill Nye video for Morgan to watch that correlated with a science lesson on atoms this week. He's using Exploring Creation With General Science this year & while we're much later getting rolling with it then intended he's enjoying it thus far. We're sticking with the same method of last year where he listens to the lecture & takes notes, then comes to me to chat about the notes he's taken.

The only downer, thus far, is that we've purchased the notebook to go with it & while it has space for specific information to be recorded it's not as open ended as it could be. This allows us a little bit to understand studying specifically for tests & learning to summarise, something he's pretty good at, but it does mean that some of those fun facts he likes to record have no where to go.

I'm also pretty surprised that there's no where to record science vocabulary sense it seems to be a pretty big part of the book. I was equally surprised to discover that the notebook isn't laid out in a sequential order but rather in a theme. So there are notebooking pages to record specific information from your lessons, record information from the On Your Own portions of the lessons, but in order to use the lab sheets for the experiments you need to flip to the back of the notebook. You'll also find fill in the blank summaries if your student is struggling to come up with one on his/her own.

We may choose to use the lab sheets, fill in some of the specifics, but write our narrations of our own accord. We'll just see how the year unfolds for him. I did find it amusing that on his second day with the book all the notes he took directly applied to the notebooking exercise for the day & thus he was able to summarise what he'd jotted down to fit in his notebook.

The information on atoms had no place, specifically, to be recorded. I found that a wee bit odd, but perhaps it's also because the idea of atoms is meant to be reinforced with a simple experiment we haven't performed yet as we're missing one of the supplies needed.  Either way he was on an atom kick & I decided to drag out an old Bill Nye video.

I know Bill can get a bad rap with homeschoolers these days for a variety of reasons, but regardless of those opinions he presents information in a way that really does make it stick. I still remember some of the whacky music videos & silliness from the shows when my brother & I use to watch them many moons ago.

Needless to say there was plenty of whackiness in the atoms issue & the boys enjoyed the show with a lot of laughter. If you're interested in checking out the video you can find it here. I'll warn you now though, you might be pining for a hotdog when you're done, or not it might just depend on how long it's been since you've had a good old fashioned American hot dog.. 

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