Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Peek Inside..

After spending a few days printing things out for Jayden's Adventures In The Sea & Sky, I thought I'd share a few peeks inside at all the loveliness he'll be enjoying this year.

Yes, I said printing out because I purchase the digital versions of Winter Promise when I can. This worked really well starting a year or two ago when we'd picked up our Winter Promise needs while in the USA & came home to realise I'd forgotten a few things. Winter Promise had made many of their items available digitally & the ones I'd forgotten were there. It's also really nice for those of us who live overseas & struggle with the constant rising costs of shipping.

Lots of interactive notebooking pages inside. In this particular page he'll need to design a sign for his own business, which I'm quite curious to see what he'll come up with. It's funny because if I had to guess now I'd bet it would have something to do with a weapons or toy shop, but after reading the lessons for the day this page will be done on he might actually pick something based upon what we read. If you purchase the Make Your Own Captains Log you can choose to print in colour or black & white. I love colour & think the WP notebooking pages are lovely printed that way so we choose to print them in colour.

This page is one of the Technology Of The Times pages, as it says on the base of it. These pages give you information about the time frame you are studying & often you have to decide, based on the information, what each person in the graphic represents from your reading.

Maps are pretty self explanatory, but I love that the maps are provided for the kids to do what's needed on them. Sometimes you need other maps as well, but where to obtain them from is always mentioned in the introduction in your Theme's Guide. The boys love the looks of these maps because they look very, "cool & old fashioned!"

Check out the detail on this page! There are several of these pages for use throughout the year as we travel through time and learn history through sea & air. Peeping at all the notebooking pages has just excited Jayden more about his choice for the upcoming year, & I honestly can't blame him!

Again, I set up Jayden's Theme for the year in the same way we set up Morgan's. Everything is in one notebook with all the pages {LA worksheets, all schedules, notebooking pages, etc.} in sheet protectors & in order according to the week they are needed in. I've put a few of the ebooks for this theme on my kindle as we won't need to do more then read from those ones. It should be pretty open & go for him, all though Morgan's really annoyed Jayden's first book is Treasure Island & keeps asking if he can read it too. Ahh, the trials of so many good books on hand!

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