Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 3

Wow, another week has flown by, where on earth is the year going? We really did have a lovely week, but I'm amazed it's over all ready & we're bunking down for a fun family filled weekend with lots of laughter.

We utilised our prospective schedule for Term 1 this week, & found a few things we need to change about it, so we'll give the edited version a go next week. I'm excited to see how that will play out, & while I won't say the kids are excited they do value having a school schedule so they know what's happening when.

I will say I enjoy seeing the planner all filled up with differing colours. I'm using my planner a little different this year then I have previously & I'm really happy with how that turned out. It's nothing fancy, but over the past few years I've just written down in it what we've officially completed as a record of what we're up to. This week I changed paces & decided to write down what we hoped to accomplish & tick things off as we went. See, I told you it was pretty simple. Laugh if you want, I don't mind. It might not be quite as neat this way, but that's okay.

We switched up Bible for Jayden this week. There's a beautiful Bible study that goes with his Adventure in Sea & Sky, but he wasn't quite ready for it. That's okay because I remembered I'd picked up this lovely Character Study earlier this year to use specifically with him. He was delighted to find this week's telling was about Abraham Lincoln, a man he has many many questions for. We also read through Job this week, but not in full. Last week we read through Job chapter by Chapter, but this week we just had a brief visit & moved on to some Psalms. Morgan is still reading through the Old Testament, he actually listens to it on Audio & then comes to chat about it with me, he's finding lots of interesting things he wants to chat about in his daily readings.

Morgan started his programming this week with Youth Digital this week. He requested computer programming from Mr S for an elective this year & Mr S really dragged his feet with it. He encountered the age old problem many of us have, we know what we want to teach but aren't sure what resources we want to cover it with. So when I spotted Mod 1 Design on special at HSBC he checked it out & gave it the thumbs up. Morgan laughs through his lectures & delights in his homework, reviews, & quizzes. I could live without the Java {that's not coffee for you non-computer speaking peoples} talk at the table, but I do find it funny to see my child speaking computer lingo with my husband. Jayden wishes he'd requested computer programming, but I think in all fairness he's lured by the topic, Mine Craft, & the funny lectures.

Jayden & I read all about Egyptians sailing powers during Ancient time this week & each time I read out a location he'd spin the globe to find it. Thus he was filled with gales of laughter when, upon reaching the end of our chapter in Unfurling The Sail they suggested he locate a few of the seas we'd read about on the map. My kids love looking for places on maps, in atlases, & on globes!

Morgan worked on some review again this week with Zeta, I felt it was imperative as he still wasn't completely confident with what he was doing. He think he's got it now & is ready to return to the lesson we were up to, but we'll see how things go next week. Jayden moved on in his own math book to the next lesson putting him only 4 away from the end of his book, exciting times there!

Jayden started with Zoo 2 this week. While his Adventures in Sea & Sky has plenty of science, the first eighteen weeks focus on various parts of oceanography. He'd hoped to study Zoo 2 over the summer, but life happened & we never got to it. So I decided to pull it out & work through it over the 18 weeks we'll be studying Ocean Life in his Theme this year. We wrapped up chapter 1 this week & he did a little journaling as we went along. I'm not sure if we'll use the notebook full on or just bits & pieces of it.

Morgan's been listening to The Golden Goblet for school & he's very in love with the book all though struggles with the main character's brother. It never stops him from reading a book, but the most villainous characters to him are family members who don't treat other family members with the love & kindness he's use to seeing. Anyway, he came in after listening one day to present me with Gebu. I love it, & if you're familiar with the book I think you'll get the mini fig!

Jayden was actually keen to get to his writing this week. He's still using Writing With Ease, which I still love very much. We'll switch between it and the Writing Thru series, which I equally love, this year. Morgan only got to the introduction of his writing book which was very lengthy. He was horribly disappointed there was no writing assignment at the end of it. Hopefully the first assignment won't disappoint next week!

Morgan worked on his timeline pieces from the first 3 weeks of school this week. I printed them on sticker paper for him to use as last year we had figures pre-purchased that way which were a true delight. When he was done colouring them in he ran a copy off on more sticker paper for me. I want to use one of our long halls for a wall timeline this year & rather then create new pieces for it we'll just copy off what the kids have used all ready & then we'll affix it to our wall.

One of our books with our Sea & Sky theme is The Strange Intruder & while it was a little slow getting going this week it hit a pretty big climax. While I was on the couch reading away to Jayde I noticed as the book got more intense his playing slowed down until he was just staring at the setup completely enraptured in the story. Mind you, we had to leave off this week wondering if the strange intruder may have attacked one of our main characters, talk about a cliff hanger!!

Swim lessons were attended this week as well as swim practice{s}. The boys decided they needed to set up a small regime in order to be ready to pass their test all though they are having difficulty getting permission to practice diving. A little frustrating when it's part of what they'll be tested on, but it didn't stop them from practicing the other aspects of their test.

Both boys had a lovely stack of notebooking pages to add to their timeline notebooks, they really love having something to show Daddy when they are telling him about their weeks. The ones pictured above are all Jayden's, I need to get a photo of Morgan's incase he should lose them! Jayden was delighted to have stickers to use again this week to mark up his map.

Morgan & I read this book together each day, we're borrowing a library copy while we await our own to arrive in the mail. We've really enjoyed the little clips of daily life in this book & the pictures of artefacts & remains of cities. The boys spotted a couple of the artefacts in the book in my Bible as well which really excited them.

We ended up going on a fun boat ride this week, nothing major, but it was fun all the same. All though we nearly lost Jayden off the dock when the boat came in to collect us. The wind picked up & someone was training to learn to drive the boat we road on & the combo caused the boat to hit the dock harder then intended. It all ended well though, & upon disembarking Jayden told the captain to have a great day & the reply was, "If I don't sink it Mate!" Kinda made me glad we got off when we did!! 

Morgan tackled some science this week & was impressed with what he learned. He didn't attend to it as diligently as he should have, but I do confess he waited on me a bit because our intention was to listen to the lectures together as I found his lessons quite interesting too. He might have to continue on alone next week in order to ensure he gets to his lessons.

And that pretty much wraps up our week. We still missed a few things that we'd intended to tackle, but we had a fair bit happen. No outings for us this week aside from our boat ride which was lovely & fun! 

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