Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 2

Another week busy week has flown by here in our home. We celebrated a birthday this week as well as Morgan had his 13th birthday. A bigger even to Jayden then I think it was to Morgan, all though he might have just been trying to keep cool & calm about the whole thing. We do little in halves around here so we spent a good portion of the week celebrating him on top of school & other responsibilities.

We still have science to add back into our normal routine, but aside from that I think we might have gotten back into everything else, not a small feat either!

There's also been a whole lot of Olympic Game watching, & griping over poor coverage & insane time zone differences. However, I'm pretty sure we can tell you about every snowboarding & skiing event competition in Sochi right now.. Much anxiety was had over getting to see the bobsledding, but have no fear we finally saw a little.

I'm looking forward to a quieter month ahead after all our excitement, but we'll see what happens. In the mean time, let's take a look at our busy week.

Our new history book was happily awaiting us when we got back from the wedding, & we didn't hesitate to dig in. While it does mean we've started back at the beginning again, not my intention or desire, the book is really lovely & will take us through the first 100 years of Australian history so it will progress us well ahead of where we left off as well. It'll be a lovely spine for us indeed.

Morgan moved right along on his history this past week, he's really enjoying his Mystery Of History which he listens to while following along in the book. Amongst other things he covered the Ice Age last week & was set with the task of coming up with a survival plan for the Ice Age, it led to some really interesting chats about where each of us might have chosen to set up home in order to have the benefits of certain things without the pitfalls of others.

After reading about a variety of topics last week we read some articles in a few of our older copies of God's World News. This one about Mammoths was rather interesting & had a large Jurasssic Park feel to it which led to more interesting topics. We also read an article about a man named Johan who made a replica ark, he has a lovely website we checked out as well to get another look at the ark.

Jayde was delighted to tackle cursive this week. All though he was a little too into making it perfect, I shouldn't complain, really I shouldn't. It's nice to see him caring about his handwriting considering the difficulties we've had in the past! Morgan joined him, but mostly for review purposes.

I started reading this book to Morgan, all though Jayden was keen to listen in as well. It's written from the perspective  of the two dogs & Timna, Shep's wife, with their adventure on the ark. I've read the book previously & thought it would tie in really well with our school last week, all though we'll be reading it for another week or still. It brings up some interesting topics to chat about as well, which is always fun.

Last week Jayden & I read about Eratosthenes in his history lesson & I pulled this lovely picture book off our shelf to read to him. It explained how he came up with the idea & why in a little bit easier to understand format. We're still in awe of how accurate he was considering the limitations of travel back then!

We also read about Ancient Egyptians history in the sailing world, all though that picture above has little to do with it. I have no idea what happened to the Egyptian notebooking page we did as I'm certain I took a photo of it! I will say that this year I printed out all the "cut & glue" portions of Jayde's notebooking pages on sticker paper. He was so excited! He despises glue & so while happy to cut things out begs me to glue them down for him, in precisely the correct manner. This was a much better way to allow him to do it all himself!

We've used this book previously several years ago for a summer of ocean fun, but we're back at it this year with our Adventures in Sea & Sky schedule. Jayden is delighted as he doesn't remember a lot of it. We turned one of his projects into a birthday desert which was a double win for me during our very busy week. 

Both boys tackled math last week. And yes I draw lines over double digit multiplication problems to help a certain child keep his place value lined up so when he ads in the end he doesn't mix up which digits are where. We still have some minor fraction review we need to do, but I think the goal is still to be done with that book midyear. Can you tell it was morning tea time? I offered them dried fruit, but we all found it a bit too sweet for our liking.

We made cupcakes to take to share with friends for Morgan's birthday. I was out of gluten free flour, & decided not to use it anyway as I wasn't sure any of the friends that would be there would need it. I did make them dairy free so Jayden could have one, but I think in the end he got missed. He wasn't pleased until we reminded him there was birthday pie at home he could have some of. That & making a new friend seem to cheer him up immensely.

We had our weekly swim lessons on Monday, much to Morgan's delight. After all what better way to celebrate one's birthday then in the pool? No, the people in the other lane were not wearing ski masks while working out, they were actually trying to pick up tips! I find it quite funny how many people swimming laps will stop to listen intently to the instructor who's teaching a lesson. And if you're wondering, I blacked out their faces as I couldn't seem to snap a photo of my kids without them in it this past week. Jayden made sure that their swim coach knew it was Morgan's birthday so we listened to an opera version of Happy Birthday which delighted Morgan until he realised the entire pool had gone quiet to try & figure out what was going on in our small corner.

We wrapped up our week with a semi quiet day at home. Where I pulled out Number Rings to play with the guys. We played slightly different then the rules to give everyone a chance to get a feel for it, & I think we should have played full out. The kids both managed to beat us! Just enough time to regroup before the family lunch for the birthday boy that we hosted on Sunday.

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I just love The Librarian Who Measured The Earth too!!! such a good book!!!! the birthday cupcakes look fantastic!