Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 1

Life is crazy here again, but all in good ways. Last week was our first official week back to school. We didn't hit all the books or subjects I'd intended but the boys made a great effort back & our week was short but lovely.

We knew, going into it we'd have a short week with family events, back to home school group events, & the start of a new term of swim lessons underway. Which allowed us time to plan in advance how to tackle our busy schedule. Always a plus!

I struggle when the unexpected happens & I need to change plans quickly which messes up my all ready premade, beautifully lined out plans. Flexible I am not, all though I try pretty hard. I believe there's a hideously embarrassing story about this problem starting at about oh 2 or 3 year of age, & there's even a picture to prove it hanging on my mother's hall wall.

Not a glorious one I might add unless you like a teary faced three year old with a skinned up knee kinda picture, apparently my mother does. I have to say it's the story behind that picture that has always made me smile when I see the photo, & not because it's a great story but because I can still relate with my 3 year old self being dragged off from playing to having to go get a photo made. But I digress..

We started our new poetry book for the year, we're in love all ready which may, or may not, have a lot to do with the fact that Robert Louise Stevenson graced the pages a few times over in our first week complete with one of my favourite poems: My Shadow. Of course we've met a few new poems which were equally fun, & a few that left us giggling.

Monday the boys had their first swim lesson of the term in the new olympic sized pool. They've been using one a quarter of that size prior & another that was half that size, so the newer size required a bit more work for them, but they really enjoyed themselves & were delighted to see their Swim Coach again. The cherry on top was that another student was waiting, a young lady from our Home Ed group so they knew her. They raved all day about how awesome it was.

We started our Grammar Ace & enjoyed a noun scavenger hunt & a silly song on our School House Rocks DVD. It wasn't new information to them, but it tied in really well with the Grammar Lessons from Winter Promise for the week & was fun so I'd call that a lovely Win-Win.

Jayden absolutely loved his Grammar & he asks to do it first each day. He was really excited that on the first day he had a long list of clues & by the end of the week was able to eliminate a few. He wondered when he'd solve the mystery by & I told him I wasn't positive but I think he gets to solve one each term. Despite the look in the photo above he really was enjoying what he was doing.

Morgan looked like this most mornings as he was working on his own. He was redoing a notebooking page because he wasn't happy with how he did it the first time over. I need to find the finished page & get a good photo of it & there's some really cute pictures on there in regards to the 7 days of creation. He completed his entire first week of his new theme doing the majority of it all on his own.

Jayden deciphered some lovely Sea Lingo & had then tried a few new phrases out on Mr S at dinner one evening. It was quite amusing to watch, mostly because Mr S was on a different topic of conversation & Jayden simply interjected with the occasional bit of sea lingo from time to time. We didn't quite finish his first week of theme work, but we enjoyed what we did accomplish.

Thursday we met up with our Home Ed group back at our local pool for free swim. As in the boys were free to do/swim was they wished. They enjoyed themselves immensely despite the chillier temperatures that sprang up that morning. They met up with a friend they only see from time to time & spend the afternoon playing with him much to their delight, which left me free to catch up with other Mums during that time. The boys were shocked when they saw their swim coach as life guard, it was quite the talk at the super table.

Friday we packed up & headed south for a rather special event. Jayden was a bit nervous about attending his first wedding & wanted to stand behind me to avoid seeing people kiss. I nixed the idea & offered to hide his face for him when the moment occurred, he was much relieved until the groom went back for a second kiss. There was a load groan from our child & me squealing, "Quick close your eyes!" Much to the delight & giggles of those standing nearest us.

No science for Morgan this week & math wasn't on the table either. We decided to find our feet with our new themes & ease back into the math & science next week. We'll see how that unfolds!

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