Friday, January 10, 2014

Updating The Memory Box

Each year we add verses to our Memory Box, some years more then others. It often depends on if we remember to use the box daily or if it sits, for a few weeks, & collects dust at times. The Sonlight Curriculum we use comes with 36 weeks worth of verses, poems, or famous sayings to memorise. We don't usually memorise all of it.

I usually print out the Scope & Sequence from their 3 week sample so I can edit the life out of it to match up with our other studies, books, & of course our Memory box. First I look up all the passages for the year that they've listed for memorising. If I'm content with them I move on to the next one, but when we come to one I want to skip or save for later I simply x it out on my paper. This is why I choose to use the 3 week sample page, so I can mark it all up & move my final notes/ideas to my hardcopy.

Many of the passages are full chapters, often expected to be learned over the course of a few weeks this also effects what I choose to keep & what I don't. As an example this year some of the selections included Psalms 15, I Corinthians 13, & Exodus 20:1-8. I chose to keep all of Psalms 15, most of I Corinthians, & removed the passage from Exodus for us this year.

Once I've made my final choices on what we'll be studying for the year I pull out some blank index cards, preferably the ones lined on both sides, & my Bible so I can start copying the verses out. For the longer passages that are more then 1 verse I still try to keep them contained to as few index cards as possible. I skip 1 line between each verse & put the number in front of each verse. We do not, however, when reciting or memorising it say Verse 1, Verse 2, etc. We simply memorise it as a whole. We may only work on one or two verses a week, but we get there eventually.

One year we concentrated on learning Luke 2:1-20. We learned it one verse at a time, & once each verse was mastered I slipped them into the days of the week slots. Once each verse from the passage was known in full I moved the whole group into 1 day of the week. This works for some, but not all passages as you'll find some verses have half the sentence while the next verse has the other half.

Thing left to do is decide which order I'll pop them in the Memory Box in regards to which verse{s} we'll learn first. This year I removed several large passages & replaced them with single verses & then left other weeks open for some of the longer passages we are aiming to memorise. I like to start with a single verse in order to get things rolling too. This year we'll be starting with Galatians 6:9, a verse I use to quote often to myself when my boys were toddlers & find myself quoting again as we hit the emotional teen years.

I thought it a fitting verse after hearing, one too many times, "But why do I always have to do the right thing? Shouldn't he have to once in a while too?" Or, "I'm trying so hard not to shout at him right now, but he's pushing all my buttons at one time!"

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