Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slow Start Back Week 1

I wanted to make a slow start back to the books with the kids. Things to get them back in the swing of our schedule, & freshening up on subjects that might need such things all in an effort to help our first full week back go really smoothly. Especially since our first week back will only be 4 full days as we have a family outing one day in preparation for a wedding. It's also back to swim lessons & they are on a new day/time which means a slight interruption to our normal flow, but it'll be worth it.

So this past week we decided to pick up in a more regular manner our Bible Study, Science, & Maths. I have a really funny story about our first 2 days back, but they'll take up way too much space to share here. They are totally worth the wait, which Mr S can attest to as he had tears of laughter streaming down his face while I was trying to tell him about the off kilter day we had on Tuesday.

In the mean time, it was nice to get the kinks worked out & brush off the, "oh my goodness we're back to school all ready?" fuzzies out of the way now instead of on our first full week back.

As Jayden opted out of dino science I snagged the lovely 7 week mini study on Simple Machines that was available on special over at Spirited Autumn's Hope a few weeks ago. {It's still available, just not on special!} Winter Promise science is meant to be done in 1-2 days each week alongside your other studies. Because we aren't officially back to school I thought it would be fun to use the 1 day schedule for the 7 days it would take.

While we didn't accomplish as much as I'd hoped with it last week, what we did accomplish the kids loved. That's actually a hot wheel in one of their experiments riding down my baking tray. They are looking forward to getting back at it this coming week.

We picked back up our Bible Study, which was the ones we gave the boys for New Year. There's actually one of these studies that comes prior to cover the first portion of John, but I opted for the one in anyway. The boys have started marking directly in their Bibles which they really enjoyed. We had a great laugh because we use various coloured pencils. Well my black pencil was missing so I used a black pen to box something in & Jayden looked up horrified & screamed, "MOM! That's your BIBLE & you're using a PEN, that's like a forever kinda mark!" Yeah, we had a huge laugh.

It was back to MUS around here too. For the first 2 days I just had Jayden review his flash cards, but he showed that he's got them down pat so I started assigning a few problems from the book to be sure he hadn't forgotten anything he'd previously learned. I might have him jump into new lessons this week, but we'll see. Morgan was reviewing 3-5 lessons a day just to refresh himself as he was making huge strides through his book & I didn't want him confused or frustrated when he started next month.

He was really annoyed with me at first when I said that we'd review 5 lessons, but then when he remembered what the first 5 lessons in the book were he had himself a nice laugh. He actually did great, but we stopped at lesson 10 for a quick review as he wasn't certain of one of the steps. That was a confusing lesson when we went through that lesson the first time around. I love that Mr Demme gives you more then one way to do something, but I wish that after each step he'd instruct the children to stop the video & go try 1-2 problem using that step. We had to watch the lecture twice, stopping the second time after each of the 3 differing ways. This time we just refreshed ourselves on the way Morgan prefers & he was off & running again.

We also signed the kids up at the new indoor pool in town for their swim lessons. They are super excited to use the new pool, we'll see how they feel after they have to run laps. To move up to the next level they'll need to do 50m without struggling, all though I don't know that it'll be too hard for them. They use to swim laps for practice in a 25m pool & were able to go from one end to the other underwater without coming up for air. I'm really excited for them that because we can be accommodating & meet up with our instructor a bit earlier in the day they'll be having one-on-one lessons with their coach. All though in our situation I suppose it's two-on-one lessons.

We have one more slow week before we pick up full speed here. We'll be adding back spelling this week, or so goes the plan, on top of what we are all ready doing. It'll be a short slow week for us as we have company coming over on Monday & Friday, but that's okay still plenty of time to attend to a few things first.

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Sheryll said...

Is he doing the Simple Machines unit independently? I'm intrigued and if it's something that my 9yo could do independently I'm more interested. I couldn't find a sample on their site.