Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Years Eve Fun

I'm a bit late, but we really did have fun on New Year's Eve welcoming in the new year. As is our tradition we had Nana over & opened bags hourly in order to keep ourselves occupied until the new year had arrived.

We had unexpected guests come into town the night prior, but we didn't mind. It's nice to see family & the boys were keen to convince their Uncle that mattress surfing is even better then mattress sliding. Ahh yes, I'm just glad we don't have a small landing before the final few stairs this time around.

Our guests didn't leave until lunch time on the 31st so that delayed our normal start time. We also had to run by the old house & make sure everything was in order so we could drop off the keys with a local business. It's always a little bittersweet saying good-bye, but I have to say we were simply relieved to be done this time. A month of moving tends to do that to a person!

By the time we collected Nana, procured the NYE game & had bags filled it was 5pm, 4 hours later then we normally start with the kids! However, I was absolutely determined that we would have our normal fun considering we skipped many Christmas traditions this year.

Our first bag was supplies for baking a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free cake. Or as Mr S likes to call it, "An everything free cake, kinda like air, only it tastes like chocolate!" Ha, our toppings weren't sugar free as we made typical icing & added some lovely colourful sprinkles to the top. The kids were hoping for a little more Red 40 in them since learning that I'm excessively sensitive to the stuff & spazz out on it.

Bag 2 was suppose to be making pizza, but the guys were hungry now & decided ordering pizza was a better idea. The local place was having a lovely sale that put the pizza at 50% off plus free delivery, so I agreed that we could order pizza. We expected them to call considering we had gluten free cheese free pizzas in the tank, & that normally causes them to ring & say, "You forgot to select cheese, was that an oversight?" Maybe their use to the oddity of our pizza orders..

Bag 3 had our NYE game in it: Risk. And it took us an hour or more to play the crazy thing too! Mr S & Nana battled it out over Asia for far too long while I conquered Europe & Morgan conquered Australia. Jayden procured Africa for a while before Mr S came took over that country, but in the end Jayden won, quite by accident too. To which Mr S declared, "No more Mr Nice Guy when we meet again my friend!" Seriously, the phrases coming from the guys during this game were hilarious. My favourite being when Jayden beat Nana for one of those Asian countries & he said, "I'm sorry Nana, but you've perished, get off the battlegrounds!"

Bag 4 had new devotionals for the month/year ahead. I really love Kay Arthur's inductive studies & the boys each did one last year. I thought starting off the year with one together would be a great way to begin. I tossed & turned over which one to purchase, but in the end was very happy with my chioce.

Bag 5 told us to go watch fireworks. Our local town does fireworks annually down over the water. They also light beautiful lanterns & float them on the water. It's really is a beautiful sight. In the past we've taken the time to drive down & fight the crowds for a parking spot that's close enough for Nana & then tried to procure a place on the ledge that isn't filled with intoxicated people or someone smoking. This year I told the guys to put on their walking shoes & we walked around the block to watch the show. The shows start at 945 & again at midnight. But I totally mistimed it & we were 40 minutes early. Thankfully a neighbor told us it wasn't for another 40 minutes so we went back home until the right time. We had a prime spot at the end of our block & no one else was there to overwhelm us!

Bag 6 held new calendars for the year. Morgan recieved his typical Bible Society calendar, Jayden obtained a new Veggie Tales calendar, & the family got the Bible Tails calendar. I stated that next year I was buying a few of the Bible Tails calendars to pass around because family members love checking out the new picture each month. It's always good for a fun laugh.

Bag 7 instructed us to go watch a movie, which was trickier then normal. Jayden still prefers happy-go-lucky movies while the rest of us are often up for a bit more. The movie we wanted to watch he vetoed for fear of being scared & having bad dreams. Mind you he vetoes every movie we picked & by the time I finally selected one I thought everyone would enjoy {this is why preselection is so important!} Nana was very contentedly sleeping in the arm chair.

Bag 8 had balloons for decorating the house with. We could not find the New Year banner anywhere. Funny thing is we had it before we moved & when Morgan saw it he asked if he could put it in a safe place so we'd find it in the new house. I made the mistake of saying yes. Have I ever shared the story about Morgan putting the house keys in a safe place? 4 hours after trying to go out he finally remembered that he'd shoved them in a sock that was rubberbanded to the table leg. His theory was that if a robber broke in he'd never find the keys to get back out. The banner is still missing..

Bag 9 found us dashing out the door to shoot off party poppers & light giant fireworks. Our neighbors enjoyed watching us from their second story window along with the second batch of fireworks that the city was setting off. I'm sure everyone screaming Happy New Year had a lot to do with the funny stares we got, but as soon as I turned off the outside light their curtain closed. Good times friends, good times!

We wrapped up our evenings with mugs of hot cocoa & sleeping in an extra 30 minutes before people wanted to know when the traditional New Year pancakes were going to be ready. They were not gluten free but they were dairy free. Those that could eat them deemed them as good as ever, all though I totally forgot to get the toppings for them. There's this thing about moving house, kinda pushes everything else out of your brain!

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