Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 2014 Planner

I took a day off from unpacking to finish printing & assembling my lovely new planner. I had all the pieces ready for it back before we moved, but thought it best to wait to print until we were moved in so I didn't lose the crazy thing. Some pages are ones I made from scratch & others are ones I found & edited up to fit my needs. The cover is one I made. I was going to put one photo on the front, but I liked how it looked with an assortment instead, all though the pictures are all from 2013. I really love the colourful stripes, all though I'm not entirely sure why the last two look purple they are actually grey. Maybe next year I'll make them purple!

This is another one I made. I really like to be able to peek at the whole year at once when we're looking at terms or holidays down the road. I printed out a second one to hang by the computer desk for now, we generally have an abundance of calendars but I've misplaced one so this works nicely!

I had a planer version of this nature calendar made up, but when I decided to put it in my planner I decided to add some stripes so it blended in. The calendar is based on my state & location within Australia, & the ideas were taken from a lovely, very old, Aussie Nature Book we picked up second hand. We have a few plans for this little page this year.

All the calendar pages are free & can be found here. I did not make them, but they are editable so you can edit the dates & add holidays or what not to it if you desire. The only bummer is that they are made for US sized paper so they don't quite fill up an A4 page. However, they were free & saved me the effort of making them!

I added one of these per month. The space to write in is quite large for my handwriting so I figure I can add to it throughout the month. I made this page up last year & struggled putting one in each week because it made my planner huge, then again I used slightly heavier paper last year too. Either way I'm pleased, thus far, with just having one page per month to work with.

I slipped several of these pages in the back. We read a lot of books in a school year so I wanted a page to keep track of them all. It's just a simple page I made up where we can tick off the books as we finish them. I added extra pages so I can keep track of what the kids read through the year. I often just put initials on my main planner pages for what people read each day/week. This allows me a place to write out the full title so I can refer back to it should I forget what the initials mean.

I like blank pages to scribble notes on, doodle on, or jot down the name of something so I don't forget it down the line. It's also where I can jot down ideas for next year when they come to mind, that way I don't lose them. Yes, I made the page, can you tell by the quote? Whenever someone in this house is thinking, this line comes up complete with tapping of the chin. It'll make me laugh to see it there each time I jot something down now.

After my planning pages I included some pages for around the house. I was going to originally post them in a totally different planner, but they easily fit in this one so I have the household stuff in the back & the school stuff in the front. This was a free page which can be found here.

A few years ago I used the Motivated Mom's Calendar, quite regularly, around the house. It's one of those simple little things that helps you remember all the big & little tasks. I stopped purchasing it because I felt I was in a good routine & was going to make my own based on that routine, but then we moved {2 years ago} & things never happened. So upon moving into our new Forever Home I decided I'd repurchase the MOM calendar for the year. It's in the back of my planner as well. One of the week pages {last picture} is beside one of the MOM calendar pages {above}. I scratch things off that we don't need to worry about & add other things on where they fit in. No, I'm not an affiliate, & yes I know you can get their planner digitally, but I much prefer paper planners. I went with the simple black & white week per page with Bible reading version.

The tabs, oh how I love the tabs. The only thing that makes me crazier then planners & notebooks are tabs in/on them. Poor Mr S had to stand down an isle in the Big W last year when we made a trip down south while I oogled over little notebooks with tabs in them that were just perfect for my Bible Study. As for these tabs though.. They were free from here & totally editable. I'm on a Mac so I pushed the command key + e & changed the font to Markus The Cow. I had to adjust it to black & then upped the size to between 35-40 depending on what I wrote. I have a tab for each month, chores, book lists, at a glance calendar, nature calendar, weekly x2, notes, etc. I have a blank tab because for some silly reason I forgot to type May on a tab.

The tabs told you what to print them on, but as I can't obtain that in my area I decided to do my own thing. Instead I printed them on a full sheet of A4 sticker/label paper. Then I laminated the front. I couldn't find my laminate paper so I had to use contact paper. Then I used my scrapbook circle punch {I think it's a 1", but it might be bigger, I'm not sure..} to cut out each tab. Each tab is backed with an identical tab. So you'd need to print out two sheets of tabs, laminate the fronts of 2, & then use the circle punch on 2.

You can stick them right to the page in your planner you want, but I picked up some dividers that I used in my binder. They were perfect for my needs. I stuck half the label onto the divider once it was in my planner & then flipped that over & stuck the second one to the backside. Super simple! And, because my dividers were plastic"ish" I was able to adjust them if I didn't like their position.

I used a repositionable heavy-duty post-it tab for my Weekly tabs. I just stuck them over the coloured/writeable portion of the post-it tab. That way I can move them each week from the school & chore section to the newest week. Perfect!


Nancy Ann said...

Wow! That is your best planner yet. I think you should go into business!!

Rviolin7 said...

Hi Kendra,fellow Aussie here. I love your blog,very inspirational! Can you tell me ,how long did it take to get your winterpromise books? I'm a little late getting organised :) rachael

Kendra said...

Hi Rachael.. I only get their digital Guides & things & then order the literature & such through Book Depository. In Tassie it takes 14 days from the time I place my order to get them from Book D. I think I've heard tell the mainland is a little quicker.

Digital products from Winter Promise should come right away, but sometimes they don't. If you don't have them within 24 hours, just drop them an email & they'll get it all fixed up. :)

Chelle said...

Just gorgeous!
The grey printing purple looks perfect ... love purple ;)
Dare I ask the cost to print this?

Thanks for making all your hours of work available to us Kendra.

Kendra said...

Well, I had paper & ink on hand so it didn't cost me anything for printing or binding because I did it all in the home! :)