Sunday, January 26, 2014

Australia Day 2014

Australia Day always starts the same in this house. The long discussion on the excess use of incorrect vowels in saying certain words like orange & squirrel. Which leads to the debate of the 5 sounds of a, which always ends up with those who have Aussie accents attempting American accents & vice versa. And if you haven't heard an Aussie attempt an American accent you're really missing out because the only thing funnier then watch Mr S or his brothers attempt it is watching the way their jaws looks like they might pop out of joint.

It's funny though because in Australia we're accused of having an American accent, or Canadian depending on who we speak to at any given time, & when we're in America we're accused of sounding Australian & using all sorts of funny words. One can't win for losing sometimes.

Not that it matters, we'll enjoy our family barbecue, board games, & all the hilarity that ensues as we celebrate being Australian & what it means to each of us. Stay safe, enjoy the day, & don't forget the sun screen!

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