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2014 School Plans: Grade 7

Back to school is creeping closer around here, especially as we slowly start to get back to schedules & books easing into a new year of learning. This year Morgan is in Grade 7, don't ask me when that happened, but it did. In Tasmania that means Morgan is in his first official year of highschool, which is unreal to even consider, & yet he is.

I'm still finalising plans & schedules, but I thought I'd type up what the tentative plans are here because on top of writing things in my planner I need to remember, I write things on my blog I need to remember too.

Sonlight Core W {2009 version} -- I decided to go with an older used version because I really preferred the book selection. The udpated version is probably just as awesome & wonderful, but this is what I felt was best for us.

Winter Promise Ancients Quest -- I've debated this long & hard, lamented to friends, yapped to Mr S about it who stares blankly at me wondering what on earth I'm worrying about. The truth is we love Winter Promise's hands on approach & after much debate we'll be this theme alongside all our lovely historical fiction from Sonlight. They do offer a shorter 9 week study of this course at their sister site, but then you don't get the plans to use Mystery Of History with it which I'd really like to do. This means we'll probably take 2 years with Core W, but that's okay we're not in a rush.

Math U See -- Morgan will simply pick up where he left off which is somewhere in the depths of Epsilon. He's been moving very quickly through it & thought we'd hoped to finish the book before Christmas I decided to pack them away & let the kids have a break. He should easily finish that book & Zeta in this year. Math is something he's very good at & tends to move quickly through.

Writing With Skill Level 1 -- We'll finish this book off, or so is the plan, this year. We laid it aside in Term 4 last year in order to put other skills to work, but we're eager to get back into it this year! It's a 4 day schedule so it's generally a great fit for our weeks.

Story Starters -- This was a book we intended to use last year for creative writing, but we never quite got to it. I still have plans for making it work, but we'll just have to see how the year unfolds. It might be something we enjoy using on the weekends or between term breaks.

All About Spelling -- Again he'll pick up where he left off & keep moving forward. I'm not sure that all 7th graders need spelling work, but this is remedial work for Morgan now that his vision problems have been addressed. He recently had his lenses changed again & was shocked by the difference in the new colour & said that some of the issues he'd been noticing had vanished.

Apologia General Science -- We'll be using the Sonlight W/H schedule for using this which means we attack it in small bite sized bits. I love that, in general, it lines up with what he'll be studying history wise this year too. He'll be listening to the lectures via audio, watching some of the labs on the computer, & using the apologia provided notebook as well. He's pretty excited that he'll have experiments again this coming year!

French 1 -- It's not mandatory where we live for the kids to do a foreign language, but we're keen to do it. We had a huge debate for a year or two running about which language we'd tackle. We each had our own opinions & few of them matched with others. When we were told about a Rosetta Stone mega sale last year we finally agreed on French. Morgan & I will both be doing this, but I think Jayde & Mr S have decided to sit it out. We actually have 5 levels of it, so we'll see how far we get this year.

Winter Promise Exploring Word Pictures -- This is their Grade 6 Language Arts programme. My children have never done a formal LA programme before. They've done spelling, copywork, dictation, etc, but nothing formal. After finishing up both Word Spy books last year I thought it might be good to put everything they've learned to use. I chose the 6th Grade LA programme because while putting everything he's used to work he'll also be working on solving a mystery throughout the year. I figure that alone will appeal to him.

Grammar Ace -- We may dabble with this a bit this year, the boys are pretty solid with parts of speech thanks to our lovely time with The Word Spy books, but I like to keep things fresh for them too. Grammar Ace pairs up with Schoolhouse Rock.

A Child's Geography Of The World Vol 1 - 3 -- As mentioned in a previous post we'll be using this in our Morning Basket. The idea being to read through this a bit at a time. I don't plan, at this stage, to use lots of the unit study ideas as we'll have other geographical things going on this year too.

Trail Guide To World Geography -- This is a pretty simple thing, all though you can go pretty in depth with it. That's not my aim. I want to keep it simple just keeping the kids geography skills from last year fresh. Basically one question a day to seek out the answer to & locate places on the map. Easy Peasy.

Type To Learn 4 -- He used this some last year & then the desktop Mac crashed. We finally got a temporary one set up & he picked up where he left off. So this is just one of those things that he'll continue plucking away at.

HWOT Cursive -- He all ready knows cursive & did a lot of practice work on reading it last year because he was struggling with differentiating between the various letters based on how they linked together. No idea if it was part of his SSS or just part of learning the ropes with Cursive. Either way, he wanted to brush up on his own Cursive handwriting this year so we're using the HWOT version.

Greenleaf Press Guide To the Old Testament -- This was available for free earlier this year or late last year or something like that. A Sonlight Friend shared it with a few of us & I was quick to snag it knowing it would be lovely for use this year as we travel through the Old Testament with our history studies.

Discover 4 Yourself Bible Studies -- We're aiming to do a couple more of these this year. Morgan enjoyed doing one of these last year & we have another one flagged to do as a family with a few more potentially marked for the rest of the year.

Other Bible -- We have a few more things rounded up for Bible that aren't listed as we sort out how/when/if we'll be using them. Core W, for instance, has a few lovely resources that we're keen to use. MOH is Biblical History so it'll be interesting to read that alongside the reading of the OT.

Art -- We'll continue with varied projects from Art Projects For Kids, but I also picked up a used copy of Artilier Art that we were going to try our hands at. I always get nervous about art curriculum because it's really not my foray, but the boys enjoy it & tend to be quite good with it so I might just turn them loose with it!

Write From Ancient History -- These were given to us by the author in exchange for a review, which is forth coming soon to The Curriculum Choice. The books are wonderful & I purposefully chose Ancient History knowing what our studies would be in history this year!

I think I've jotted down everything. Mind you it does seem like a lot, but he wouldn't do everything every day. He's also reached that point where he can tackle a lot of things on his own, & I just need to guide him along the path. There's also the whole reminding him that there's no need to panic. Do your best to accomplish your goals for the day, but if you don't reach them let's look it over & find out why. Last year he'd stress, big time, about how much time a subject might take him to accomplish. Often it was Bible & he worried he might be spending too much time on it. So we had a chat about how there was nothing wrong with spending 20 minutes with his Bible study each day, & that stressing over it was a bad thing. We'll see how this year unfolds!

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Nancy Ann said...

Great plans, very similar to what I think we will be doing for 7th grade as well. So, I will be looking forward to how your year goes!