Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 School Plans Grade 5

Jayden is going into Grade 5 this year, all though I often, as I've said a million times, think of my children as strattling a variety of grades. Jayde's no different, all though I often think of him that way for maturity reasons more then anything else. His birthday falls in the middle of the year & thus he was obligated to start school a bit sooner then we otherwise might have chosen for him. Not that, at such a young age, school has to amount to much, but I digress..

This year, again, the boys are starting out the year with different Themes happening. Last year Jayden jumped ship from his main theme & joined Morgan for learning about countries around the world. It wasn't our original plan, but it worked & he fully enjoyed himself & gained a lot of knowledge out of it. Again he was allowed to select what he wanted to do. Did he want to join Morgan from the start or would he prefer to do boat school as he calls it? The choice was his.

He stuck with his plans of wanting to do Adventures in Sea & Sky, but dropped the idea of wanting to do Dinosaur Science. Of course he waited to confirm that until after I ordered the main book for his science, but I kept that to myself because he was really upset about telling me he'd changed his mind for fear I'd purchased everything all ready. I'm not upset at all about his choice, & for science his main theme is super heavy in that area all ready. So this year he'll be doing:

Winter Promise Adventures in the Sea & Sky -- He debated doing this one last year & at the last minute changed his mind about doing Animal Worlds instead. So this year I pulled it back off the shelf & he was very excited to use it. There were a few books, as we have the older version vs the recently updated one, that were out of print, but we had no issue tracking them down. We're still waiting on a few to arrive, but we have another week before we start back so we should be okay! I'm actually really excited to be using this theme as well, the notebooking pages & science experiments look amazing!

Math U See -- He'll also pick up right where he left off last year which was on lesson 21 in his current book. I've had him doing his flash cards for the current operation he was learning about as well as doing a few review problems to make sure he didn't slip backwards over the summer. He should be able to hit the ground running hard on our first day & be able to complete the book by the end of our first term! How exciting for him!!

Solving The Mystery Of Grammar -- I've also picked out a Winter Promise LA programme for him so that we can see how much of the grammar he's learned via other sources over the past few years is being remembered. He gets to solve a variety of cases along the way this year. I love the way that the WP LA books are broken down into 9-10 week booklets. This is perfect for our 10 week terms! He'll have the goal of finishing one book per term which will encourage him to stay on track.

Write From .. {Ancient History & Modern History} -- Jayden will also be using these lovely books for copywork, narration, & dictation practice on & off through the year. I love that the author has found wonderful quotes or stories about people through history that are turned into simple writing lessons. I'd like to match these lessons with what he's studying in Sea & Sky, all though sometimes he prefers to request "battle" stories or "more action" stories. It all works!

All About Spelling -- Again, he'll simply pick up where he left off in his current book which is only 3 lessons away from being done. Our plans of finishing it off before Christmas came to a grinding halt with our move & the insanity that ensued with that. I've warned the boys we'll pick up spelling next week even though we aren't officially back to school until February. The idea being we'd spend next week reviewing & if they are ready we'll just dive into the next appropriate lesson. I'd like to see Jayden clear the book he's in & at least the next book before the end of the school year.

Writing With Ease -- We may also mix & match this with the Write From books. We own both & he's really enjoyed his time with WWE before we discovered the Write From.. Series. I like to use what we have on as it works for each child.

Exploring Creation With -- His current theme has broken down 3 different science topics over 36 weeks of learning. Jayden had hoped to do Zoology 3 over the summer while hanging out at the beach. It didn't happen, & at first he was a little disappointed, but I reminded him that his first 18 weeks back to school would all be about ocean science. So, we're aiming to try & work this book in during that time. I had hoped the author would have the audio of it released by now, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. For the second half of the year we thought we'd try using Astronomy as we also own that particular book & it will tie in nicely. Honestly, if these books don't happen I'm not going to stress he'll have more then enough science with his main theme this year.

Latin -- We were given Latin Alive! to review & I accepted the offer because Jayden was super keen to learn latin. It wasn't on my to do list, but considering his love for zoology & botany I think it will serve him well in later life. Having said that I didn't quite pay attention to the age range on the book when I accepted the offer. It's actually for Grades 7 & Up, so while we've checked it out & tried our hands at if for a review, we need to obtain the next level down to use regularly for him.

HWOT Cursive -- Jayden has been begging me for a year or more now to teach him Cursive, but my answer is always the same. You have to be able to print nicely first. He worked really hard on his handwriting last year & I decided to surprise him with a book for cursive this year. He mistakenly thought it was only for Morgan at first, but once he quickly realised there was one just for him he became very excited & screamed, "YES!! About time!!"

Discover 4 Yourself Bible Studies For Kids -- We do these together & I have a few flagged for the year, but won't be purchasing anymore until the one we started is completed. I love that the author guides the children to finding their own answers & hearing what God is telling them. We've also got some other Bible studies he'll be doing via his current Theme for the year as well.

Morning Basket -- this covers a lot of things, but if you're interested you can check it out over here. Keep in mind the basket's contents are constantly changing, we've all ready added a few things here & there!

Of course we'll be delving in art, encourage him with typing, weekly swim lessons, & other fun things throughout the year. It's filling in pretty quickly all ready!

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Butterfly said...

That Winter Promise Sea and Sky study looks brilliant! I have downloaded the sample and might glean a few ideas for DS9 to explore as he and DD8 study ocean life, weather & water. His main interest at present is robotics & flight, building and engineering (though I expect and hope he'll love our Australian history focus, chemistry and physics too). We are half way through Apologia Astronomy (taking a long time as we have so many supplementary resources ... we're going to shoot forward to stars now). So, it sounds like we have a lot of topics in common this year!