Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Planner For Sale

The 2014 Planner I shared earlier is up for sale at a meagre $5. It includes a few pages of information in order to help you print it out so everything lines up correctly, so before you print you might want to read through it!

The planner is designed for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere in mind, thus running from January - December, but obviously works for those who wish to homeschool year round or like a planner that runs alongside the months of the year. Print as much or as little as you want, & the cover is completely customisable. I even included the links to find the free monthly pages which are editable if you use Adobe to open them up in.

If you purchase one, please be sure to read the information before closing your windows after paying in PayPal. The download link is there as it's not set up to be emailed to you! If you have any troubles though feel free to drop a line so we can help sort you out.

You can purchase the planner here, for $5 AUD or $5.55 NZ. And of course, a Big Thank You to anyone does choose to purchase one.

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Jen's Busy Days said...

Your calendar is beautiful, almost makes me want to homeschool all my boys just so I can use it. Oh well, if things change later in the year I can get it then. :-)

Best wishes
Jen in NSW