Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Ornament Swap

For many years now my guys have participated in an ornament swap in relation to the Five In A Row Curriculum. This year, like last year, we've been extremely tardy in sending out our ornaments. I really hate when that happens, but there's this thing about moving that really tends to take over. Especially when you crazily pack up half finished ornaments & all the craft supplies. Yeah, I'm that kinda nerdy.

Regardless the boys really enjoy discussing which book{s} they'll represent & what they'll make based on it. This year we have 3 ornaments going out, but the propellers were also made last year. We always make a plethora just in case we need to send out extras for any reason. So this year being on 2 lists we cross-checked them with our lists from last year to be sure no one got a repeat ornament. Then moved forward with making fresh new designs as well.

The propelled represents the book The Glorious Flight which is a story about a French man who makes the first successful flight over the English Channel. This book was really special to the boys when we first read it for a variety of reasons, but we pulled it out to read again last year after visiting a museum & seeing a model of the plane on display! The ornaments are made from foam. Our name, year, & book title are on the back.

The storm cloud represents Storm In The Night. The book is about a little boy & his grandfather sitting through a rather loud thunder storm, we always believed the book took place in the south, but that might have a lot to do with the thunderstorms we weathered while living in Tennessee. Regardless it's a book we've not seen represented over the years & so we brainstormed how we could do it. We decided upon clouds, lightning bolts, & rain drops. Unfortunately we only had white foam for the clouds so the boys coloured them over with grey crayon, & while you can't see it in the picture above they do look like grumpy storm clouds. Then we added glitter glue so they'd twinkle with the Christmas lights. Again these are made from foam, all though we did sew the raindrops on by hand. Glitter Glue for added effect, & a bit of glue to hold the lightning bolt which is pulled through the cloud.

Lastly we have a little candy jar. We have one family on both our lists this year that was on both our lists last year. Thus this person couldn't get 2 storm clouds or a propeller. Jayden really wanted to represent the book The Finest Horse In Town. I thought that would mean he'd want to do some kind of horse, which didn't appeal to me as we have lots of horses & owls from some of the story books others have represented. But no, he waned a candy jar just like he'd seen in the pictures of the store the sisters owned. Oh you have no idea how this caught me off guard, but he proceeded to draw it out & then we came up with some ideas on how to manage it. So this family will be the only ones this year to obtain the lovely little candy jar. The rest of those ornaments will be saved to go out to people next year!

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