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WPD Student Planner

I don't make a general habit of posting full reviews here for a variety of reasons. The biggest one being is that is not the intention of our personal blog. Most of our reviews are published directly over at The Curriculum Choice & we may make mention of them here from time to time. However, I do, on rare occasion, post a full review here. In this case our family was offered a set of The Well Planned Day planners, student & teacher. I've reviewed the teacher/family planner over at The Curriculum Choice & have opted to review the student planner here. Keep in mind these planners were given to me in exchange for a review, this does not however alter our opinion on the product below.

Another student planner we were given this year to try out came was The Well Planned Day student planner. There's a few different ones to choose from, but I went with one that I thought was more neutral & guyish for Morgan. The idea being to help him get in the habit of making a plan for his school work & following it through.

How Do We Use It:

On Saturday or Sunday I sit down with Morgan & we go over the things he needs to do for the week. We start out by reviewing what he did accomplish last week, what he feels he might be behind on, & what he feels took more time then we'd anticipated. This allows us to adjust his planner & schedule for the upcoming week ahead. We go over whatever outings we have for our week ahead &  what time we'll need to leave home in order to be there on time. This allows him to know when he needs to break for lunch and/or be officially done for the day.

After we go over all of that information we write down what's ahead for the week in each of his subjects for the corresponding day of the week. We write down which day activities are happening on and make sure not to full those days with academic stuffs that would overwhelm him to accomplish & then cause him to be too stressed on our outings.

We also note which things in his planner should be done with Mom or Dad so that he doesn't attempt to tackle them on his own & then become upset that he needed help. This also shows him where to stop for breaks. Meaning, that if he accomplishes, say his science, math, & Bible to discover I'm busy he'd know he can take a break before moving forward with something else.

What We Like:

The planner is simple to use & easily laid out. There's no wondering what to do with each space or how to utilise it.

Morgan loves the calendar at a glance & marking off upcoming birthdays, holidays, & other outings or events we might have in a month.

There's some fun "cheat sheets" in the back which list things like parts of speech, presidents, conversion tables, etc.

I like the section in the front where I can write a schedule for the term/semester & that way we can refer to it in an effort to find the order for our day when making out his weekly planners.

The pages are colourful which we both love as we're both big on colour!

What I Don't Like:

It's really hard to find any student planner that gives enough space to write out lots of info each day. This one is no different, all though I do think it gives more room then a previous planner like it that we tried. You learn to use abbreviations to take up the least room & get the most bang for your buck.

I wish the cover were plasticy verses laminated cardboard. Mind you, what we've had has held up pretty well, but it does mean that they do bend & break down over time.

I also wish there was a small pocket on the inside cover {front or back} as it would be great for him to store extra post-its, a bookmark or two, library card, etc.

A few more notes:

The newest version is stated as having tabs for each month. These aren't traditional tabs that stick out from the side of our planner, but more like half circles cut into the pages of the planner so you can easily see the abbreviation of the month. There are no tabs for the weeks, but we just stick a post-it note tab in the correct place & move it around each week. Easy Peasy.

These planners run for the dates of a typical US School year. I did not include this in the don't like section because I knew this going into the review. What this means, in regards to the dates, is that the planner starts in July of one year {2013} & runs through until May of the following year {2014}. In order for someone who doesn't school in the nature to get a full year out of it you'd either need to ignore the dates or buy two planners to cover a full school year.

While not listed as such keep in mind that these planners are Christian in nature with Bible verses, catechism questions, & quotes from famous people about the Bible. We really enjoy some of these features, but I thought I'd mention it for those who aren't wishing to find such things in their planners.

The planners are available at many different places including:,, & Amazon to name a few. All of these places will ship internationally as well. Hedu is having a sale on TWPD planners right now as well!

Bottom Line:
All in all a lovely little planner with a few quirks for those of us living outside of the USA or schooling on a differing schedule.

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