Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Things They Do..

Our boys have reached a new milestone in life. That one where they can, on occasion, stay home while I dash to the shop for something, collect Mr S from work, run to the post office to collect a package, you know what I mean.. Every weekend we have one day dedicated to family & laziness. Or at least we aim for that. Sunday afternoon was our down time. We watched a movie, pulled out leftovers, & enjoyed ourselves. Leftovers was some left over corned beef that I was spreading hot mustard on.

Yep, well around 530 the guys decided they didn't want burgers for dinner they'd rather have tacos. So I said I'd run to the shop & get the taco shells & veggies while they tided up the lounge & put the dishes away. The boys agreed & Mr S & I dashed off to the shop.

While driving I heard my phone go off signifying the kids had sent me a message. Our boys don't have their own mobile phones or even their own ipods for that matter. What they have is an ipod touch that use to be mine, became Mr S' {who broke the screen}, & is now used for school purposes mostly. However, they use it to play Minecraft together on, stop motion videos, FaceTime Gram, & to text me while I'm out. It only works if they are connected to the WiFi in the house for that matter.

I don't touch my phone while I'm driving, all though I generally have it mounted so I can at least see who sent what through incase it's an emergency. Or you know, that random moment when the footy club you've been calling for 3 days finally gets back in touch with you & you have to renew your season tickets while driving down one of the craziest streets in town at the same moment school is out. Yeah, anyway.. the point is my phone was in my pocket.

We get to the shop & my phone goes off again before I can pull it out of my pocket. It reads:

Mom, reed your missages. {You know that says Read Your Messages, right? My children never spell read right, most likely because one of them sports the middle name of Reed, but I digress..}

So I start scrolling up wondering what on earth could have happened in the 5 minutes it took me to get to the shop & what do I see?! That lovely picture of the hot mustard smashed on the floor.

I ring the house & they don't answer, because no one ever answers the phone we always let the answer machine get it so I scream out, "Did anyone get hurt?" Morgan picks up, "Get hurt on what?" "The mustard!" "No, but you might want to buy more." "Have you cleaned it up?" "No, it's far too dangerous for us to mess with, we're leaving it for you." We part ways.

Mr S asks what's going on & I show him the photo & tell him what Morgan said. Mr S replies with, "Good thinking, he's right they shouldn't clean it up!" To which I simply smile & say, "Ahh, so you're planning to clean it up when we get home then?"

I've gotten some really funny messages from the kids. Like the time Jayden stayed home with Nana & Daddy while Morgan I made an emergency run for tea. We seem to make a lot of those when Nana visits, which I don't totally get because I'm not a tea or coffee drinker. While out we'd decided to stop off at the library. We were hunting for a book for Jayden, who wouldn't stop pestering us.

Mom can I FaceTime with Morgan?
Mom Why are you ignoring me?
I know you are reading these but not paying attention to me.
I'm bored, Dad's working & Nana's snoring.
Can I watch the cricket
I'll take that as a yes.
I'm watching the cricket.
Now everyone is watching the cricket
Oops, Mom I just told Gram we need loo paper & I meant to tell you
Mom, why haven't you let Morgan Facetime me yet
Mom, did you find my book?

At which point I finally called the house & ratted him out to Mr S who said, "What?! No he's not sending you messages he's laying in the recliner looking at a Tintin book." Yep, Nana & Mr S thought he was the picture of innocents laying there watching cricket & reading a book...

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