Monday, December 16, 2013

Swimming Certificates

As our school year draws to a close I'm trying to close it out with a few fun things for the kids. One such thing is certificates to mark achievements that they've made this year. The boys have participated, all four terms, in swim classes this year. We started out a little slow & hesitant, but have quickly excelled to the top of the class.

We had one Mum who took a bit of time off for health reasons become quite nervous during diving one day, but when Jayden asked to go first & then demonstrated what was asked she grabbed me & said, "What?! When did this happen? I've missed it! I'm so happy for him!" Yep, Jayden overcame the monster task of diving into the pool, he's still got a bit to go on his form there, but he's no longer intimidated by the idea of it. In fact we're pretty sure he might be part fish.

Morgan has made progress this year in swimming too, & while most of his struggles resolved around the fact that Jayden not only caught up but surpassed him he has nothing at all to be ashamed about. Jayden makes all of our breast strokes look more like strange limp dances happening. Morgan's delighted he's gone from being back of the pack to joining Jayden in lapping the rest of the class when during lap time & Morgan's diving form is very nearly spot-on.

With only one more swim lesson for the year to go I really wanted to encourage & congratulate them on their efforts for this year as they decide if it's something they want to continue with next year or not. So I spent some time this afternoon making up a couple of certificates for them. We'll present them to the boys after their final swim lesson. If you need a blank swim certificate you can find one here.

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