Thursday, December 12, 2013

Summer Hats

After our Sports Day earlier this year we all came rather sunburnt. Rather rosy cheeks in the summer tends to be a pretty regular thing for me & I walk around with the typical sunglasses tan to boot. It's a wee bit annoying, but the big problem is either a kid has robbed me of my sunhat, or the crazy thing won't fit on over my oodles of hair. Even if I chop all my hair off, which I've done in the summer before, to help my hat fit better my thick hair can often cause hat problems.

I spent the weekend searching for hats that would fit my needs & discovered a place called Hat Show which had a large assortments of hats. In fact they tend to cater to those who have no, or little hair, due to cancer, but their hats are all really nice & I loved that the women's hats were all rather wide brimmed! No more crazy face burn or neck burn, which I tend to get a fair amount of as well.

I picked out a few hats that I liked the looks of & then asked Mr S to help me choose. In the end he suggested I order 4 different ones which rather shocked me because while they are nice hats they aren't all super cheap.

Out of the 4 that came, my absolute favourite is the one in the picture above. See how wide the brim is, you can't even see my face, which kinda freaked the guys out but means I have my own personal shade everywhere I go. I won't say it's my favourite to look at because the whicker brim is kinda funny & I would have loved a more traditional brim, but the hat is so incredibly comfortable to wear that I could honestly care less about the whicker brim! I had wanted to go with the brown version, but they were sold out so I went with what they had.

The hat is pretied in the back & super stretchy & fits all my hair up in there without any issue. I can just shove my loose hair up in there, or if it's tied up on top of my head it still fits. It's even wide enough that my oversized sunglasses don't smooth the hat up off my forehead. It's a seriously cool hat! I'm not normally this excited by hats, in fact often I hate wearing them because constricting hats are known to give me a headache, but this one is not like that at all!

I know the look of it isn't for everyone, but the comfort & protection it gives me negates everything else about the crazy hat. I haven't even worn/used the other hats yet, which I confess to feeling a little guilty about, all though I don't think they'll go astray. Having said that I'm sorely tempted to send away for another hat identical to the one I love should the lady who runs the place choose to not make anymore of them! I've even flagged a few for winter, because my ears always tend to freeze in those lovely winter walks we take!

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