Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Year's Traditions

For many years for New Year's Eve we've celebrated by having Nana over & opening bags each hour around the clock from about 1 or 2 onward. It's always been a fun way to spend some time together as a family & of course the kids really look forward to it. I'm pretty sure Nana does too, which makes it all that much more fun for those of us coming up with fun things to do.

Our bags are pretty much the same each year with swimming, cherry ice cream, pizzas, a board game, a movie, calendars for the new year, & a devotional for the new year. Sometimes we throw a few other things in like noise makers & a banner to hang up. Or a video game for the whole family to play. We still keep it pretty simple though.

This year instead of a separate devotional each I decided to pick the kids up matching Bible Studies we could do over the summer. These are more of Kay Arthur's Inductive Bible Studies which we've done some of this year. After looking at the various ones on offer I just really felt Jesus -- Awesome Power, Awesome Love was the one for us. Our books arrived the other day in the mail & got all excited. I often forget to order their devotionals until after Christmas & then play hot potato hoping they get here in time.

Each year we also give the kids, & Nana, a new calendar. I also pick one up for myself as well, all though Mr S gets as much enjoyment out of it as I do. We always give Jayden the Veggie Tales Calendar & Morgan gets the lovely Bible Society Calendar both of which I can pick up locally at Koorong if I'm in the city. We have a local shop that sells the Bible Society one too, & no matter where you get it they aren't more then $3 For ourselves we get the every awesome & funny Bible Tails calendar which is also available via Koorong. While down at the other end of the island a few weeks ago we stopped into the local Koorong down there & they had all 3 calendars on display so I snagged them up on the spot much to my delight & the shop keepers shock at my squeal followed by uncontrollable giggling. The one rule we all have is not peeking ahead in our calendars to keep the giggles fresh when we flip them over. So I've buried the new calendars in the closet & have to attempt not to lose them in our move. If you're interested in purchasing any just a quick heads up that Koorong is on the tail end of a 5 day sale where everything is on special!

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