Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Back in July we discussed moving out of the house we were in. It's not that we were keen to get up & start moving around. Moving is a long messy business that involves a whole lot of craziness. But the time had come, and the need to move was laid upon our hearts. Of course, our original thoughts on moving were to escape some crazy neighbors that we've put up with for the past two years. Our casual looking remained just that all though we put the word out that we might need to cancel out of our planned mid year escape to the mainland.

To make a long story short things turned out a wee bit different & our plans to seek out another, quieter, long term rental turned into we're purchasing a house plans. Which turned into a flurry of seeking out homes that fit the needs & desires we had. House hunting is a tiresome business & so I did what I've done every time we've previously had to house hunt. I make a list. I write down what we need & what we want, pray about it, & watch what happens. The house we found hit every single thing on our needs list, & all but one thing on our wants list.

It took a while to get all the paperwork sorted out, & there's still a little waiting to come back in, but the plan is to sign the final papers on the 19th of this month, collect the keys & let the official moving in begin! All baring that the final piece of paperwork doesn't get hung up for any reason, which it shouldn't, but one can never tell about these things, can they?

In the mean time there's a huge flurry of activity around this house as we start emptying cupboards & bookshelves & packing like crazy. The idea of doing math & spelling until Christmas has been shelved in lieu of packing, sorting, & preparing for the move. Not that anyone is complaining. I've heard a lot of, "When we move into our own house can I.." So far the funniest of all these requests has been, "Can I dig up the backyard?" "Um, no you can't, but you can dig in the sandpit."

Our school room is quickly becoming a store room of boxes, packing labels, & tape. I'm pretty sure it's possible to hate the smell of packing tape while losing your fingerprints to the crazy stuff. We gave up, long ago, on the whole writing in marker on the boxes. All though I may miss seeing the kids funny messages on the boxes as they write, rewrite, & double guess themselves on spellings of things upon our boxes. Those who help us may appreciate the lack of, "Lose this box & you'll be sorry." or "Guard this box with your life!" labels. Instead we just print out sheet upon sheet of paper with basic content & room info on it, cut them up & slap them on boxes with a long piece of tape.

Really, it would be easier to print them on labels or basic sticker paper because then you could just peel & stick, but I seem to be out of sticker paper & either I've packed the printable labels or we're out of those too. It's anyones guess.

In the mean time, we're looking forward to settling into our newest abode, hopefully for a longer period then 2 years, which seems to be our current rate of moving. Mind you, I remember moving every 3 years as a child until I was 12. My parents still live in the home that I spent the remainder of my childhood in, which mean my kids think visiting Gram is doubly special because not only do they get to see her in person & spend all night giggling with cousins instead of sleeping, but they get to ask all sorts of nerdy questions about Mom's nerdy childhood.

All though I was pleased to hear they found the pictures of their aunt & uncle absolutely hilarious. And, if either of you are reading this, you know the ones, right? The ones above the piano, or formerly above the piano & one point and time. Don't ask me how on earth I got away without being laughed at in the photo expect that I don't think they realised the other person hanging on the wall was me. Aren't I lucky?! Here's hoping this home is one we stay put in for a while, because otherwise I might start taking out stock in cardboard boxes!

And yes, to all my family dying for photos, I'll share them.. after the current owners move out. I'd feel a little weird posting photos with other people's stuff in them..

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