Tuesday, December 17, 2013

End Of Year Certificate

Along with the swimming certificates I made for the kids I also wanted to make a certificate for finishing up their work with our Winter Promise theme this year. The boys are really into certificates of late thanks to their math & spelling books. While the Sonlight Core we tied into our Winter Promise theme came with a certificate it was pretty simple & I really wanted something a bit more. Plus, we didn't truly do Core F as much as we really did our Children Around The World Theme.

So with a basic idea in mind I whipped up a quick certificate for the kids. They know I'm up to something & have been trying to snoop, but I honestly have no idea if they are fully aware of what I'm doing. They most likely suspect it's Christmas themed secrecy. We're still planning for an "end of theme" Around The World dinner. The idea being to make a many coursed meal with the various courses representing at least one or two countries. We'll close off our evening with watching Around The World in 80 Days {the newer version} & hand out the certificates to the boys. Or so goes the plan.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out & that I had room to mention each aspect of the programme that I felt gave us such a lovely journey around the world. Some of them, praying for different countries/nations around the world, are habits we'd like to keep & incorporate into our more day-to-day living. It's really opened the boys eyes to how truly blessed they are. During a commercial recently where they were asking for funds to help children in a war torn country Jayden lamented that sending money was a foolish idea, his theory was that if the country was at war the wrong people would likely get the money & those that were struggling would still be in poor shape. At which point he sighed deeply & said, "Which means there's really nothing we can do to help them." Morgan looked up & said, "Yes, we can! We can pray for them." We spent 30 days praying for people living in War Torn Countries, & clearly that was not lost on him.

I'm hoping that after they get over the excitement of receiving their certificates they'll let me bind them up with the photos & other tidbits I'm trying to put together that summarises our 2013 school year. Of course, there might be squibbles over who gets to look in the book most often, so perhaps printing out 2 copies, one for them to hang up & one to go in the book would be wiser..

If you'd like your own fun certificate to signify a journey around the world you can download it here. Where I've written my boys name I've left blank but the words Children Around The World are still upon the certificate as it was written to go with our time using that particular Winter Promise theme.

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