Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 39

This was a pretty short week academically for us considering all the math books & spelling books were put away until after the first of the year. We had a really full week with end of year outings {still one more of those to go}, reading, & the beginning of Christmas Traditions.

Our Fun Friday Group had a cooking event for our end of year wrap-up. The kids worked through several stations making candy or biscuits at each station. When they completed the task at a station they returned to the table in the picture to the left & placed their items on that plate. When everyone was done & things were tidied up a bit one of the Mum's read the Nativity story in a rhyming poem that gave the kids clues as to when they could eat each item made. They didn't eat the items on their plate, but rather extras from the cooking.

Afterwards everyone wrapped up their plate with some clear wrap & ribbon, attached a story a matching story to it, & was then able to take it home to devour or give away to friends or family. My boys had big plans to share a plate with Daddy & one with Nana, but they devoured enough that I don't think Nana will see anything more then photos.

We also had an outing with our Thursday group this week, but due to what started out as unfavourable weather it was small & quiet as we didn't go to the main event just the park afterwards. My kids brought games to play & they ended up rounding everyone up for a rather giggly game of Apples to Apples before we headed out to the grocery & home.

Swim lessons are still going, so we had those this week as well. No, Jayden is not waiving for help, he's swimming one armed. They were really run through the paces this week. They had to swim laps minus one arm, then minus a leg, then no arms, then no legs, then no arms or legs, etc. Needless to say they were good & tired when they were done this week with lessons!

All our maps & other goodies from the school walls came down this week, much to the horror of the kids. They were so unhappy when I took down the maps! I can't blame them really we spend an awful lot of time looking at them & chatting about what we've learned. We still refer to all our maps as we continue the last few books on our list for the year as well, so it was a wee bit sad to see them come down, but we didn't exactly want to leave them behind!

We listened to Call It Courage this week which both boys absolutely loved all though we've debated the end back & forth since finishing the book. We also finished up Star Of Light this week, a Patricia St John book. It was pretty hard to put down from chapter 16 forward so we spent an afternoon pretending it wasn't raining & finishing the book off.

We started our  Jesse Tree readings which is always fun. It's probably the only sign of Christmas around here, aside from the jar of candy canes I made the mistake of setting out. I say mistake because two certain little boys want to eat them non-stop..

I'd say a nice quiet week, but we were on the go non-stop this week. Looking forward to a calmer week this time around as we finish off our last 2 books for the year. Then that's it for us until Mr S goes back to work in January.

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