Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 38

Last week we had some beautiful weather & a whole lot of scurry & flurry as we finished off the majority of our school year. In fact, as soon as the kids realised just how close they were to done it was heads done & pencils at the ready around here.

They wrapped up everything but math & a few read alouds for the year, all though there's talk of sticking with spelling for a while. Considering I'm a week late posting this I can tell you that very little of anything but read alouds has happened this week.

Our calendar is chock full of insanity for the week & then there's those little unexpected things that creep up. I'm really not fussed about it. If they put pencils & books away from now until next year they'd still have accomplished everything they set out to do this year, except maybe building a life sized lego house.. And, at least it leaves something to attempt to attend to next year.

More seriously though, they really have had a very full & fun year. I'm in the process of working on a yearbook of pictures & certificates for all their accomplishments which are always fun to look back over.

We wrapped up the remainder of our books for the year from this stack reading the last of Children of Many Lands, The Return Of The Word Spy, & The Kite Fighter. We also finished off Daughter Of The Mountains which was a lengthy audio book full of the description & life in India. Jayden was horribly disappointed with it as I think he was hoping for the action & suspense of a dog rescue much like 101 Dalmatians. He's much more pleased with the book we are listening to this week. We also finished up with Hungry Planet & Material world as well. It's always such a rewarding, if not odd, feeling to put books back on the shelf for the year.

They both wrapped up all their notebooking pages for the year. Check out that stack there in front of Morgan! We haven't bound them yet, but we've still snagged things here & there that can go in their books. Our final pages/country were about Thailand this year as we changed the order of study. There were also a few flags that needed to be glued down & some countries that needed labling.

We had two eye appointments last week with our beloved Dr F. I believe Jayden took this photo while I was trying to hunt down swim shirts for the kids. They were bored & decided to send Mr S pictures while he was at work, including one of Morgan in his new, all be it empty, frames.

Swim lessons, which have at least 2 more weeks to go, need to double check the schedule on that one. Don't ask me what Morgan is doing there. I'm not sure if he's praying pre-swim or if he's practicing breast stroke. It's anyone's guess. And yeah, I so know that hat is doing him little good like that.. They worked on diving last week as well as breast stroke. Jayden makes that particular stroke look way too easy!

Friday we had family over for Thanksgiving & we remembered our silly Turkey Day banner this year. We purchased this four or five years ago while in the US & I'm pretty sure we've only remembered to use it twice. Yes, our Grand Final balloons are still up, I'm impressed they still have such a reasonable amount of air in them. They get popped when they fall down because they end up getting tripped on otherwise. Mr S had Friday off so we had it off as well. We don't normally have a day officially off for the week of Thanksgiving, but it was Show Day in our town this year.

There was math this past week as well as spelling review to be sure the words that were currently keeping them from moving on to the next steps were firmly planted in their minds. Morgan, our biggest struggler, made up heaps of birthday cards this past weekend for various family members & was absolutely delighted that each of the words he asked if he was spelling right was spot on! He wasn't the only delighted person! All in all a lovely, all be it very busy, week around here.

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