Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oh So Random

Pictures like the one above are a good reason to never leave a camera lying around my home. Oh the assortment of photos I've found on both my phone & my camera can certainly cause a hysteria of laughter around here. I have no idea what he was doing, but I'm pretty sure it was random.

Considering he used the camera & you can't see yourself when you take the photo I'm wondering if he accidentally had the flash on, but knowing Jayden he was aiming for something crazy & funny to see if I'd notice. In fact, he could ask me days from now if I've noticed anything funny about my camera & I'll have to guess exactly what he meant.

The leg, which I think belongs to Mr S? Or the back of my head? Perhaps the blurry photo of a 6 month old footy match? Hmm, the video he took of himself beating up his stuffed rabbit, the one who always gets stuck being the bad guy so you'd think he didn't like it except that he once freaked out when he handcuffed it to a chair & couldn't get it loose! He might even mean the picture of Morgan glaring at him while he's got his hands on his hips, a good indication he asked him to stop taking the photo to no avail. It could really be anything, there were a few photos so blurry I'm not even sure what he was doing, most likely snapping the shutter while he spun really fast in a circle to see what kind of effect he'd come up with.

I'm saving all these crazy pictures though. I told him I was going to play the best slide show ever at his birthday, you know his 18th or maybe his 21st & then again at his wedding. And then I was going to save them all up so that when he brought his children to visit I could pull out all the photos to show them. His reply was pretty quick, "Who said I'm going to have children?" Ahh yes, well this is the child who said he wanted to name his child Shut-Up so he could scream up the stairs, "Shut-Up get down here right now!" He also debated the name Bilbo Baggins to he could scream, "I Love You Bilbo Baggins!" without anyone thinking he was too utterly weird. I tried to assure him that could never happen because we all knew he was weird, but he didn't find that as comforting as I'd intended it to be.

And now you've probably begun to see the crux of my problem. It's not the absurd photos he takes or the crazy names he thinks up, not at all. He's taken much sillier photos & come up with even crazier names that have had us laughing for days. It's the fact that I have to keep a straight face while he does all these things & take ever little bit of it seriously.

Like when he came to the school table with a cow on his head? Yeah, I haven't. Nor have I forgotten the day he screamed, in the middle of a busy department store in America, "Don't call me Jayden, my name is Wendy!" Ahh yes, we have his big brother to thank for that one. They were playing Bob The Builder prior to our shopping expedition.. Or how about the time I had to take him seriously while he had pick-up sticks jammed up his nose while we were trying to do school? And then there was the time I walked in to find him dressed in his cousin's old gymnastic outfit.

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