Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Bible

Earlier this year Morgan lamented that he was struggling to read his Bible on his own. It wasn't the words or the size of the print, but understanding what some of the words meant. I had to really stop & think about this for a while & what my plan of action would be. I wanted him to want to read his Bible, I wanted him to be able to do it on his own, but when one can read a book without understanding a words inside it doesn't become something you enjoy.

So I did something that was rather new & unheard of for me. I decided to investigate Bible versions. In the end I settled on getting the boys each a Holman Bible, but considering I didn't own one that was going to make things difficult for me to read along with them. I also thought it might be wiser if I had the same version as them so that if we were each reading a book of the Bible on our own & discussing it later if there was a questions based on words used or whatever I'd know what they meant.

Upon searching through what was available I settled on a lovely Holman Study Bible. I was debating between it & another Holman when I had the opportunity to view the other one in a local shop. I wasn't at all pleased with it & thus went for the study version. Of course the fact that the study version came in my very favourite colour was pretty cool too, I've never had a Bible in my favourite colour. It's just one of those things, like trying to find my name on a personalised item. They don't exist. Needless to say I was pretty excited!

At the start of each book there's a timeline running along the introductory pages that tell you about the book itself, the author, & the outline of the book. We all enjoy peeking at the timeline seeing where certain things fell in time with others. I think this will be even more significant next year with Morgan's Ancient History studies.

Like most Bibles it has maps in it as well, but these maps are right there within the texts where you're reading so you can see where the people you're reading about were traveling to & from. Whenever I'm reading & there's a map I usually get swarmed by children who want to see the map, know exactly what each symbol means & before I know it they've taken my Bible away to explore it for themselves!

Then there's the pictures on the same page as the text as well. These are often locations that you are reading about, suspected locations that you are reading about, or pictures of ancient artefacts pertaining to the timeframe you are reading about. I really love the visuals, & it has quite a few sprinkle throughout it. In fact it also has an oil lamp in it which didn't look at all as we'd envisioned!

It's got quite a bit of other fun stuff in it such as some Hebrew Word studies for various words used throughout the Bible. The idea being to help you see how & why they translated it as they did. There's a lot of nitty gritty included with that as well. There's also definitions of names of various people & places within as well which we always find pretty interesting too.

The only downer about it is that the pages are, like most Bibles, pretty thin for writing with some pens on. I'd also love this Bible without all the excess study notes for each verse, but there's some good info there too if you needed/wanted it. All in all I'm pleased with the choice & of even though it's not my children's Bible they seem to get a good kick out of looking through it too! You can't really complain about that can you?

If you live in the US you can get this Bible at CBD a bit cheaper then Book Depository, all though I don't know how much once you calculate shipping in to it.

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