Monday, November 18, 2013

Gearing Up

Even though our current, 2013, school year isn't over yet I'm starting to gear up for next year. The rest of our current year is all mapped out for us which leaves me plenty of time to pour over the school supplies for next year that have all ready arrived at our front door.  When they first arrived I verified that everything from the packages was within the boxes & then quickly shelved items or put them in their prospective homes in order to keep us all on track for our current year. It's so hard when new items come not to be distracted by them or want to dig into them straight away, isn't it?

This past weekend I pulled out the basket of books, which only houses some of the literature that we'll be using next year, & decided to start looking through it. Some of these books I'll read aloud to one or the other of the boys. Some they'll read or listen to on their own & we'll discuss it afterwards.

I'm actually looking forward to reading through lots of these books, & my biggest dilemma was which one to start with! The Book that won out isn't even in the picture, go figure! There's also a heap more that need to be added to the basket which I tried to disguise by adding all sorts of funny things on the top of. It didn't work, the kids still found it & decided to dig through the books begging to know when we could read various ones. Let's hope they are still that excited & anxious next year when it's time for them to dig in!

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