Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bike Rides

There's a bike track that runs along the ocean and leads up into the port. In fact if you follow it long enough on either sides you can end up in a completely different town. Regardless of how far you follow it, the track is a lovely place to bike on & you never know what you might spot in the water. The day we took the picture above all we saw were sail boats but we've seen seals & dolphins in that stretch of water before, & some of the towns people saw whales. We missed out on that viewing all though we did get to see a baby humpback farther up the coast line, sadly he wasn't alive though.

Morgan's finally grown enough he actually needed a bigger bike, which was quite an exciting day for him. He's now on a men's small frame which Mr S can ride, even if his knees do smack his rib cage when he does. Mind you it does prove to be entertaining to watch though!

With the weather, finally, warming up around here the bikes have been dusted off again so we can enjoy using them. I warned the guys to get their bike legs ready for a hefty amount of biking this coming summer, I mean, have you seen the prices of fuel?!

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