Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another Quilt

I've been battling one of those dreadful migraines, on & off, for the past week. We've had whacky weather with that Typhoon out there & with the varying air pressures it can often effect my head. Sometimes the best medicine is keeping myself distracted from the misery of the headache. Which led me to the craft room last week to tackle one of many projects I've had flagged to do for a while.

I thumbed through my Audible Library for some of the books I've been meaning to listen to & discovered that they finally fixed the problems that were going on with the final instalment of the Beatrix Potter Cottage Tales story. I was absolutely delighted! The series follows Beatrix through her life in the Lake District where, in the stories, she often solves mysteries. Sometimes with the help of the little animals she drew in her stories.  They make a lovely listen to, especially when you've waited a good 2 years to hear how on earth she & Mr Heelis finally come to be married!

While I listened I dug through the scrap material basket & found myself cutting out one tiny rectangle after another. I need quite a few for the scrap zig-zag quilt I'm making. I spotted it a while back & thought it would be a great way to use up lots of the little bits left over from other projects, but of course I spotted it after I'd finally gotten rid of a bunch of the scraps that had been in the basket for ages. I might have to dig through the baskets of other material & see what I can find.

The instructions suggested no more then 10 from each type of material to help it carry on with the scrap feel, but I've seen other zig-zag scrap quilts where they didn't even blend up the colours & it still looked beautiful. So we'll see what comes of what we've got. I've cut out even more since I took the picture, & considering my head is still pretty iffy on the dizzy & pain side I might end up with a considerable amount more done before the month is up.

The upside is I'll finally find out if Miss Potter solves her current conundrum or not. Surely she will, she's yet to let one slip under nose yet! And when I finish that book up I have the latest Goldie Locks Catering book to read too. I'd nearly forgotten about that, is it possible?! Until I debated hunting down a book at the library while I was waiting on the kids this week. I always do a mental inventory of what books I'm currently reading before I hunt things down there. Surely I'm not the only one? Mind you, my mental inventory isn't always spot on when I'm migrainal, after all I did go to the Mystery section & hunt down the A section of authors to find the Miss Potter book I'm currently listening to!

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