Friday, November 8, 2013

A Peek At Winter Promise

I've been busy looking through some of our curriculum for next year & marking things within our guides that is pertinent to us in some way. Next year Jayden will be using Winter Promise's Adventure In Sea & Sky. This was completely his choice. Actually he wanted to do it this year but he changed his mind to Animal Worlds which was a wee bit below him all though he enjoyed his time with it.

He's really taking to crafting lately & wanting to build things that relate to whatever passion or game he's into at that moment. I know he'll enjoy a lot of the hands on experiences he'll get next year & I'm always pleased to see the lists in the front of the guides that will help us gather up the materials we'll need for the upcoming year. It also provides a lovely check-list for choosing which activities you want to do. Because I'm gearing my children more & more towards total independence with their schooling I prefer to pick activities I know he'll have little trouble completing mostly on his own.

The guides are always chock full of information relating to a wide variety of information, all of which I enjoy reading through & highlighting. All though, chances are I'm probably highlighting some of the stuff in each guide.. when my highlighter works.

The beginning of your guides are really worth the read & explain the reason & methods behind Winter Promise. There's a lot of lovely quotes up there in the front information, like the fact that they didn't include the vast amount of projects, hands on learning experiences, & reading for you to do everything. Rather they provide it so that regardless of what way your child{ren} learns best you can easily find something that suits, & you know, that's been very true for our family. When we used our very first Winter Promise Theme I had one who was very hands on while the the other was super content to just listen & record.

There's typical things in the front of your guide as well like the book list you'll need to get the most out of your year, a variety of ways to arrange your guide and/or student pages, info about the resources you'll be using, & a section all on getting prepared for your upcoming study. There's even a section about ideas for field trips for the year.

There's an entire section in the front of your guides, as well, all about teaching using Charlotte Mason Ideals. Suggestions for adapting those philosophies that work with the Winter Promise Curriculum, & a our modern time period. Another section about ideas for grading if you live in an area where it's mandatory, or simply want to do it, & a section about Multiple Intelligences.

There's a section, one of my favourite, about helping adapt the curriculum to your needs, be it because your children have different learning styles or because you've had, what I now call, an "Aunt Lucy" moment.  Why? Because there's a really awesome quote that I love reading each time I open up a WP Theme. It goes a little something like this: "Did Great Aunt Lucy send you a simply marvellous book that your child can't wait to read? Schedule them in even if it means you have to pass up on an assignment. It's worth missing an assignment now & again to pursue something that caught your child's fancy."

One of my favourite new resources in the new or updated guides is the list of Timeline Figures so you know which ones you need & when you'll need them. It's also helpful so I can tick off ones we might have all ready added into our nifty Timeline Notebooks in prior studies.

I bind my whole thing up, as I mentioned above, & use Erasable Post-It tabs to divide it into sections. I like to keep the index tab clearly marked, thus it's often a different colour then the rest. Other things I choose to mark with my tabs are: grading info, CM info, narration ideas, timeline dates, & of course a weekly tab for where ever we are within the lovely guide.


Dove's Rest said...

We have loved it and found it really easy to add our own choices and skip others. There are so many things you can do with this curriculum. I hope you really enjoy it The plan is for the kids to enjoy it so I always kept that in mind if I ever felt we were becoming bogged down or bored with something. Adjust adjust adjust...!

Kendra said...

Oh we've loved the past few Themes we've done with them too! :) We'll have 3 more going next year as well. :)