Saturday, November 2, 2013

2014 Planner

When I said I was working on plans for next year I was so not joking around! I even set to work on a planner for next year. What? A planner? Yeah, I know. I think it's become one of those absurd obsessive compulsive issues. I've actually reviewed a planner this year as well {upcoming soon} that I really did love! One of the biggest problems with schooling from January - December is that most planners aren't accommodating, & as much as I love planners I also like to keep it kinda simple. Not too much of anything extra that I won't use.

I spotted a freebie planner on Pinterest earlier this year, don't ask me when because I can't remember. It was colourful though & had stripes. I love colourful stripes! It took me forever & a day, to hunt down the proper link. Why do people pin stuff without seeing if the link is in the right place?! And then I downloaded it. The planner wasn't for a homeschooler, so it had no educational pages in it. Just a "to-do" type planner. I'm so not above a to-do type planner, but my focus is on a homeschool planner right now.

So I whipped up some matching pages to match the calendar pages that went with this aforementioned planner. Pages that suited my likes & needs. It even had it's own planner cover, but I opted to make my own where I could fit at least one photo of the family or kids on the front. I'll be swapping that current photo out before I print out my planner. It's not that I don't like the photo, it's that I'd like to have a more recent photo on the front & that was taken much earlier this year.

I really wanted a prayer page in my planner this year. The planner I reviewed had a spot where I converted it for adding prayer requests in. I liked that because then when I opened up my planner to jot things down for the day I'd see a friend's name or need mentioned & I'd stop right there & pray for them. Sometimes it was nothing more then a quick, "God please wrap your arms around .. & let them feel your presence & love right now." I wanted something a little bigger for prayer requests though & a way to count my blessing, as they sure are abundant at times. It's nice to look over them on a blah kinda day & say, "Wow, look how awesome God is to us!"

I still like to keep track of the books we read so I needed a page for that, but just one for or two to stick in the planner to keep track of what's going on throughout the year. I may decide to print one for each month, but I'm still not sure we read quite that many books in an entire month! You never know though, the boys are on a huge audio book kick right now.

All my weekly planning pages are identical I just adjust things per month so it's all predated for me. I know that's not a feature everyone likes, but it's one I like. Planners are kinda personal like that aren't they? What works for one might not work for another. The little circle at the top I plan to use to jot down what week of school we are in. Does it matter? Nope, not one little bit, but we like to keep track because it's fun for us to think about how many weeks we aim to school for & how far into our year we are.

The other page in the picture above are some lovely verses to stick in the front of my planner. I like to think on them when things are rough, on the good days, on the medium days. They are verses that come to mind when I think of educating my children. The first one is more advice/prayer, the second is more of a rule of thumb, & the final one is well needed on those days when you're pretty sure you might pack them off on the next school bus that comes by.

The whole thing was really simple to put together too. I may add a few more pages here & there.  For instance we'll be moving soon so I may add a new chore system when that happens. Not because our current system doesn't work, but I find that what worked in one living accommodation doesn't work in another. For instance, our former home had steps, when my kids got to the "clean the steps" on their chore flip cards they had a fit of laughter. So, we'll wait & see, but then we have plenty of time as I won't need it until next year anyway.

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