Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 37

What an exciting week we had here on the homefront! The realisation that the kids only have one more week of theme work to go, after that it's all math & spelling until either the books are completed or Christmas break arrives, whichever comes first.

It certainly was the inspiration we needed to stay the course this late in our school year. After all we've been at it for 37 weeks now, not counting the breaks we've had between terms!

We devoured a couple more books this week as well, prepared for a weekend away from home, heard back on some very exciting news, & purchased a few items for Christmas. Ahh yes, it all added to the thrill of the week around here for sure!

Mind you, the kids week would have been perfect just on the fact that I gave them both permission to play a ridiculous amount of video games on our long car ride, both ways! But I tried to top it by purchasing wheat & dairy free mint cookies to indulge in as well. Considering there were none left upon our arrival home I'm pretty sure I succeeded. As for our school week though..

Jayden is more then halfway through his math book now. He's tackled double digit multiplication, & because he know his multiplication facts so well breezed through the lesson despite his original fears. In fact, I'm pretty sure he could skip to the end of the book & just tackle those last few tougher lessons & be fine, but I'm happy to work at his pace. I'm pretty sure he'll breeze through the first half of the division book next year too. He found the lesson so easy he did two pages a couple of times without realising what he'd done which had me snickering in the background.

No idea why he looks like he's half asleep, or why there is senseless doodling in the book. I threaten to deduct points for that, clearly it makes no effect. He worked on all sorts of things from prime numbers to greatest common factors this week as well as fractions in measurement. He'll most likely breeze through the next few lessons in his book. He cracked me up by saying, "I didn't realise I knew so much about fractions!" when he saw how quickly he was making his way through the book. I pointed out that all that time I'd spent making him memorise multiplication & division facts was paying off as he can generally see the answer before he does the work to prove it.

We started the week off with work on Japan. We learned about their islands, a bit of their history, & touched on their culture as well. We read a book about Japanese puppetry which led us on a search for videos of the puppetry in action as well. Of course there was the customary filling in for the notebooking pages. There were some beautiful picture of a Japanese temple, which we'd heard a great deal about from a flight attendant on our visit to Japan many years ago. We didn't make it to visit the location ourselves, so it was fun to see the pictures.

It was interesting to see Japan in both Material World & Hungry Planet this week compared to other Asian countries. The difference was phenomenal. We also discussed the typhoon that hit Japan a few years ago as there was an article about it in the Reader's Digest this week. And after hearing reports of earthquakes in Japan one morning this week it was only fitting we learned that such things are all most a daily occurrence at some level over there. We loved our read through of Children of many Lands again this week, all about Japan of course.

We read The Cat Who Went To Heaven on Monday which was an interesting read. Morgan was quite annoyed with the ending, which if you want the book spoiled for you is that the cat dies. Then we listened to Sadako & The Thousand Paper Cranes, he didn't expect that little girl to die either. I'm not entirely sure why as the town we live in is sister cities to a town in Japan. The school children from both places sent art work back & forth & it's on display in our local library quite often. I think it was last year they had a beautiful display put up from the Japanese sister city including this book & several paper cranes. Poor child put on our family read aloud for the night & one of the main characters in the book died as well as a beloved pet. To keep him from being totally annoyed I screamed out, "Enough with the dying all ready!" which caused everyone a fit of giggles. Mission accomplished.

We spent the week reading The Master Puppeteer which had sad parts within, but was mostly a book of struggle & survival to be honest, showing the feudal system of Japan. It gave a lovely view of live during that time frame for us which will probably mean even more to Morgan next year as we travel through Ancient & Medieval times. We did not end up getting to Born In The Year Of Courage & will start that next week.

Thursday dawned ominously & we were suppose to do our read aloud & math then trot down to a nearby park to meet up with homeschool friends. Mr S sent me a message around 10am telling me to batten down the hatches horrifying weather was on it's way. He's only done this one other time, when he was attempting to outrun it on his bicycle, flew up into the house & grabbed me as we dashed to collect guinea pigs out of the yard. So I asked him how bad this time. Well a couple of towns over was getting hail, flash flooding, & so on. We put our plans to go to the park on hold to see what the weather had in store, & in the end never went. Instead as I threw dinner in the crockpot for the night we had a quick schooling meeting.

The boys wanted to do a quick revisit of China to do the notebooking pages with their World Travel Diary that we'd not done previously when we studied China. If we took an entire week to revisit China & then did our final country the following week I pointed out we'd have two weeks of full school left. I suggested that if we did China on Thursday & maybe Friday before we left town we'd only have 1 week of full school left & after that it would be about an hour or two in the mornings before they'd be done for the day. They had a quick pow-wow & decided to do their Chinese review instead of going to the park since it was now raining heavily. And we did. They dutifully sat down & filled in their notebooking pages while they bickered about who took the glue stick, why one of them had the best scissors in his pencil box, & who was going to pick up the paper scraps off the floor. Yep, we could have used to run off steam, but there was that rain & occasional thunder happening..

We had 2 swim practices this week as well, but no lessons. Those were canceled, & the boys fingers are crossed it's not because the pool heater is on the fritz again. I'm pretty sure Jayden has swimming withdrawals anytime he's actually dried out & has more then 24 hours before he can get back in the pool. It was still a lighter week for them as writing was shelved, we'll pick up creative writing once our theme work is done for the year. They spelling this week, but only reviews of previous lessons as both were hung on one word that was keeping them from moving forward. I think they both conquered that issue! Science was also on hold this week, unintentionally I might add, all though Jayden brought enough bugs & beasts in the house this week to keep us all jumping. He spend a good chunk of his weekend attempting to catch seagulls too. And, while I'm really glad he didn't entirely succeed there at least he wasn't attempting to catch mice, right?

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