Sunday, November 17, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 36

Only a few more weeks before our school year officially comes to a close, but for this week we were reading away. We've finished all our poetry books except Read Me. We're finished another chapter in Return Of The Word Spy, which leaves us with only one more chapter to go! We've still got a bit to go with Nanberry, but should be done with it by the end of the month. We're really enjoying the story & I think it gives a lovely perspective of more then one side of the story in regards to the first colony. We're just over three-quarters of the way through the book.

We visited India this week & the boys fell in love with the idea of rickshaws which probably had a lot to do with the fact that we read Rickshaw Girl on Monday & Tuesday. A sweet & simple story that shares the life of a less fortunate family in India. We read about a few other things common to India, but of course the boys were still really smitten with the whole idea of rickshaws.

We had a 3D puzzle for India, the Taj Mahal which lent itself well to our lessons this week as we read about that as well. The boys were a bit shocked to learn it was a tomb & not something more fancy. The dome was the most difficult part of this puzzle, all though once we realised the pieces had a top & bottom it became considerably easier to put together. Jayden did one as well but the only photo I could find was rather blurry. It was from Abu Dhabi & is an amazing hotel. We were so intrigued by it we had to google it as it wasn't part of our actual lessons. I don't think I could ever fathom staying there for a vast amount of reasons, but my it's pretty to look at.

Not sure what the scowl on his face is all about, he's busy copying the pattern from a tile in the Taj Mahal on his notebook page. He absolutely loves the ones where he gets to try his hand at making something similar to what the actual item is.

Both boys tackled more math this week. Jayden is still plucking along with his multiplication. He was so utterly convinced he didn't know his facts, yet again, that I put together an incentive plan to put an end to the "I don't think I know!" nonsense. It worked a charm this week.

Morgan paused for a bit on Lesson 12 in his faction book as he just needed time to digest all the previous information. He was also feeling overwhelmed with not knowing {or so he thought} Greatest Common Factors. Interestingly enough once the manipulatives were removed he was able to look at the problem & know the answers which was a lovely boost of confidence for him.

After wrapping up Rickshaw Girl we settled in for The Horse & His Boy, but thanks to Audible we listened to it. I can tell my phone to play my audible books through our television, thanks to the compatibility with the apple tv box. It's actually really nice because I can push play on my phone & we can listen through the tv meaning there's no more kids screaming, "I'm not close enough I can't hear!" Instead they can each work on their own thing while they listen. 

Morgan wrapped up another chapter in his science. He's really aiming to be done with it before the end of the year, which would be lovely because done or not we'll simply move on to his book for next year. He doesn't hate it, but he's really struggling with the lack of hands on experiments. They are in there but most of them we've either done before or seen done, & because he learns best by hearing, seeing, doing he's feeling a little frustrated with the lack of "do". 

We had another 3 days of swim this week. The boys are still needing to work on their form with diving, but have come a long way on all of it. I'm looking forward to a summer break from it though, to be honest. We're debating what they'll each decide to take up for next year, be it continuing with swimming or moving on to another sport.

Our home school group put on a lovely Sports Carnival that the boys absolutely loved. One of the Mum's went all out with it & did a fantastic job setting it all up. Morgan really excelled at High Jump which impressed Mr S who could never quite tackle that one. The boys loved that the Mum's did a relay race in the end as well, all though perhaps they missed that some of us also helped with one of the team relay races. Which was more like me running madly towards a line screaming, "Which line? WHICH LINE?!" Pretty awkward when you turn around & realise the person you thought was running behind you hasn't even headed your way yet. We all came back exhausted, happy, & a bit too pink from the sun. Such a lovely way to wrap up our week!


Dawn said...

The 3D puzzle is awesome. YOu all did tons of great stuff this week.
Blessings, dawn

Tracey Clifford said...

That is an awesome puzzle! Looks like it might have been a pain to put together though.