Saturday, November 9, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 34

We've reached the point in our school year where the boys are keeping track of exactly how many weeks of school they have left. I feel it with them, that longing to be done & spend the day doing other things. So much going on around us & we're quickly waning.

We're down to 4 more weeks of our main theme for the year & then the boys will continue with a bit of math & science until it's either finished or they reach Christmas Holidays. Both are pretty keen to wrap up their books before the end of the year. I don't know if either of them will reach that goal, but they can most certainly reach the goal of finishing them before next school year.

In the mean time we seem to be wrapping up a new book each week & filing it back on our shelf. It's a lovely feeling to see so many goals & accomplishments being met at this point in our year. We've wrapped up a few more books this week as well which was very exciting for all involved.

Tuesday our car was in the shop thanks to some pesky leaks in a couple of the hoses. The boys & I dropped off the car & walked down to the water front to spread out & do school. Our library doesn't open until 930 & we wanted to get cracking on our studies. We might have taken the day off had it not been that we had Monday off thanks to a public holiday. We spent the morning reading lots of our books down by the water before the needs for a bathroom break & lunch drove us up into town.

After lunch we hit the library for math. I brought my laptop along so Morgan could watch his math lecture. We'd scoped out a nice quite corner of the library & apparently it was so lovely & quiet everyone else who came in to study & watch movies joined our area. There was a girl with green hair behind us who kept bursting out at odd moments with laughter due to something she was watching on her ipad. Jayden kept focus long enough to do math & then I let him go find a couple of books before roping him into a writing assignment. Morgan managed another 3 lessons in math this week. When he can easily blow through a few pages of new information without hesitating I let him move right into a new lesson the next day. In general MUS lessons take a week so that you watch your lecture & practice on Monday, have more practice on Tuesday & Wednesday, & then review past

Jayden is only doing one lesson per week still in his math book which is right where he needs to be. He actually needs to keep brushing up on his multiplication facts, which he's been doing. He looks at the book & complains he can't do the work & when I ask why he says silly things like, "I don't know what 7x4 is!" & I say, "That's odd because you've always remembered the fire truck story before." Those are clues to the story associated with the math fact which then triggers what the answer is. So he's back to using the flash cards from our lovely Times Alive programme & I encouraged him to make sure I do them with him at least 1x before he sits down with his math.

Bible for us from now through the end of our school year will just be our devotional, Keys For Kids, & reading Proverbs. We picked up a free Bible study for Christmas that we'll do as well, most likely starting the first week of December.  If you're interested we found it here. I've printed it out & will bind up the boys papers into books for them.

We wrapped up Jayden's animal poetry book this week as well. I think we'll miss this one with it's lovely art work & fun animal poems. We'll continue with the Read Me book which has a poem per day in it. I'm debating starting another one that I found free for Kindle, or downloadable as a pdf, but I haven't decided if I'll wait till next year for it or not.

We're still using our Memory box each day, all though someone has lost our Daily divider. Our box had a spill recently when the guys were playing a rambunctious game of morning chess. Someone's pawn dramatically removed their opponent's piece from the board with the sweeping motion along went the memory box! Everything slipped back into place except the illusive Daily card. So strange.. Those are the flash cards that go along with our Times Alive! programme. The pictures on those cards are clues to stories. All I have to do is mention any portion of the story, even just a character, & the kids instantly recall the missing numbers. This is especially helpful when they from the multiplication to division transfer.

Both boys were back to writing & spelling this week. All be it not as much spelling as I wanted considering Monday was a holiday & our programme is a bit hard to take on the road so we didn't do it on Tuesday either. Writing however, was done! They both were using some new books we were given to review & both loved them very much. Morgan is writing his written narration down. He tells me about it first & I write it all down for him, then we go through it together adding in punctuation & editing it to a few sentence summary. Then he copies it down in his own handwriting & pops it in his notebook. Jayden requested a story with action & war in it, so we delivered. He was delighted!

We studied Iraq this week which triggered a bit of information on Babylon, which makes them all eager to pop on more of their Drive Thru history dvds to see if they can find anything in them about what we learned. Morgan is counting bricks in a picture that shows a relief that was made for King Nebuchadnezzar II. The bricks were specially made to form a mythical create, which at first we thought was a giraffe, but then noticed it had bird like feet & a lion like tail. I like that a lot of this information they are learning geographically this year will be revisited next year in a historical way as Morgan hits Ancients.

We finished reading Shadow Spinner this week which is pretty high action & cliff hanger'ish' with each chapter. I will pre-warn that the story takes place, mostly, in a Harem. There's no discussion of what that is or what takes place within one. It's simply the story of how Shaharazad saved the women & introduces a girl name Marjan & how she helped Shaharazad. My boys were on the edge of their seats the entire time & 3 days later are still discussing the outcome of the book.

Children Of Many Lands was our spine about Iraq this week & lent itself well to giving the kids a rounded view of what Iraq is like in the aftermaths of war. Unfortunately, Hungry Planet & Material World showed a better more glossy view of life in Iraq & Saudi Arabia. In fact the family in Hungry Planet had an elevator within their home. This made the task of writing what children in war torn Iraq are struggling with a tad hard when the children really just wondered why we didn't have an elevator in our home.. Never mind that we have a one story house, but anyway..

The boys are so excited to see how full their Travel Diaries are becoming as we are down to 4 final stops along our path this year. They want to bind their notebooks up at the end of the year to have a proper bound book of their studies, which I'm all for. Jayden's will have a few less countries as he didn't join Morgan until after Morgan had half crossed Europe. As a total aside there was a programme on the other night with 3 geographical questions in it. The fact that the contestants couldn't answer them was extremely disturbing as they were not difficult questions. I looked at Mr S & said, "That's really quite sad, your children could answer those questions!" So, I put the boys to it the next morning, & they did, indeed, answer all three questions. I'm glad to know at least they are remembering that which they learn.

Swim practice x2 & swim lessons were on this week. Morgan struggled a little with swim lessons as he has a lingering barking cough from his cold that his effected when he runs or moves quickly or with great exertion. His cough is normal to us in regards to sound, but it's very asthmatic sounding & has had Drs worried for a while. I guess I didn't consider how awful it sounded until he started hacking & everyone at the pool got quiet & turned to find the child who sounded like he was incapable of breathing. Whoops!

The boys were made to work pretty hard at lessons this week putting all their skills to the test as they worked on more survival stuff. Above, Jayden is suppose to be doing the back float while keeping the ball between his knees. He was the only student who made it the entire way around the pool without losing the ball, but then Jayden is so incredibly relaxed in a back float that normally his legs are crossed & his arms are behind his head.

Next week we stop off in India & the boys have a big sports day coming up with our homeschool group. Here's hoping Morgan's cough has subsided by then!

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I love your laptop cover. I have never seen that before. The books are great as always. We love Hungry Planet and Material World.
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