Sunday, October 13, 2013

Term 4 Here We Come

Despite a two week break here I still had a little planning to do in order to fill in the remainder of our school calendar with our final bit of studies. I sketched it all out on notebooking paper, filled in dates & plugged it into the calendars & planners around the house.

We have 8 more weeks of school to wrap up taking us through a few more African countries & across a good portion of Asia as well. We should wrap up all our literature, save two books which we'll aim to read before the Christmas holiday as we have big time plans for various summer reading for ourselves!

We're eager to wrap up our school year, because it means plenty of warm weather & beach time ahead for us! Annual camp trips & indulging a bit longer in late nights & good reads.

It'll also be nice to bring all our studies to an end for the year. The boys have some little goals they are aiming for & I'll be cheering them on as they make their way through the next 8 weeks. Most of them are reasonably attainable, such as Morgan wrapping up his current science book. Some might not be, but I'm not going to stop them from trying!

You know, though, the hardest part of any term is the first day back. Isn't it? I've all ready had a child putting in a prayer request, another stressing over when he'll have time to read his book. Then there's the typical, "Will we be able to run into town tomorrow & do.." Ahh yes, that wonderful first day back, I've been prepping the boys for it over the weekend & Morgan finally summed up everyone's opinion with, "The first Monday back always stinks!" Ha, here's hoping our first Monday back is actually completely awesome! And if not, I think a chocolate cake might be in order..

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