Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Power Outage

During one of those miserable stormy day we had a loaded schedule. Jayden had a Dr's appointment in the little costal town over from us, Nana has a physical therapy appointment, I was suppose to be packing to go camping, & we had company headed in from out of town. I'm just gonna say that getting prescriptions filled is a tricky business when most chemists have no power.

It was to the point where I'd run up to a door, bang on it until someone showed face & beg to know if they had the breathing medication I was after. The whole time the boys would sit in the car & shout, "You forgot your umbrella!!" Good times, friends, good times.

When we got home we had just enough time to feed everyone lunch, watch Jayden get sick on his medication, clean it up, call the Dr to sort out what he wanted me to do, & then dash Nana across town for her appointment. I was wondering if the office she needed to go to would still be running as many businesses in town gave up on the power situation, which would come on flicker like mad & then go out again. This particular building has a lot happening in it at one time & they'd stuck it out.

Upon returning back home I discovered that our power was finally out. The power company was headed our way to clean up a tree downed on the power lines, but the council expected them to be a long time in getting out there & obviously an unknown time for getting the mess cleaned up. Other areas of town were all ready topping out at 5 & 6 hours without power!

We were in a bit of a pickle, because in order to conserve heat we needed to close the blinds, but if we did our house was pitch black. So we split the difference & closed all blinds except in the main room of our house. 3 hours after the power truck had arrived at the scene we still had no power & Jayden's cough was gaining speed. Not to be outdone by something as simple as a power outage I had him raid the footy box & we wrapped him up in the footy scarf. The thing is like 8' long!

Then I heated up the gas barbecue outside & parked him next to it to warm up. At that point Nana was having tea withdrawals so we slapped a pan of water on there to boil & some potatoes for dinner considering it was after 5. I was still sopping wet & freezing myself so I decided it was time to dry my hair out over the grill. Yep, you read that right. It's probably a really good thing it was still coming down in bucket loads so that the neighbors weren't busy peeking over the fence wondering if I was trying to flambé my hair or something.

We were without power, in the end, for a good 5 hours. And they really were good 5 hours. There was an awful lot of snuggling under quilts, game playing, & even some insane conversations. Like when I said:

"Man I sure wish the power would come on so I could dry out!" And Nana responded with, "I hope it's on before I miss my programme!" In which we had to weigh out which one was far more important .. drying out or watching a trivia quiz how. I'm still pretty sure that the trivia programme won out..

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