Friday, October 25, 2013

Planning Ahead

I like to be prepared. I really do, not that one can be prepared for all the unexpected things that happen along in life. No one can predict when your child will slice through his leg & need stitches. No one can predict when a storm will strike & knock out the power for long periods of time. No one can really predict your roof flying off or anything like that, but it can happen.

When I say I like to be prepared I like to prepare myself for the upcoming things I can predict. When we'll start school. Where our Terms will lay & things like that. A year or two ago I was introduced to a planning calendar much like the one I've got above. It was awkward to use at first with vertical lines compared to horizontal calendar lines, but within a short time I was pretty hooked.

The idea is to use the blank papers to write in the numerical dates for the year ahead, January - December. Then block off holidays & school weeks. I haven't officially blocked off school weeks defining our terms yet, but I did block in known holidays or times I know Mr S will most likely be home from work. We don't school when he has a day off, we spend the time with him instead.

The pencil writing on the top of my sheet is the length of weeks in regards to the local public school terms. Sometimes we follow the same outline, such as this year, & sometimes we don't. Next year, we were considering starting back a bit earlier & eventually levelling out by term 2 or 3, but there's an upcoming family wedding which may throw those plans askew. Not that it matters at all, isn't that the beauty of homeschooling?

I like planning out our year in advanced so that we can see how & where things will easily slip in on our calendar when the unexpected comes up. It helps us know where we can bump things around too. I generally fill out the pages towards the end of one school year & have them officially filled in during summer holidays. This year I seem to have gotten a bit of a head start, but shockingly enough we only have 6 more weeks of school for the year!

Want a set of the pages for yourself? You can find them on an old post here for download. Just click on the large pictures & print out. Or you can get the new stripy one here along with a matching 2014 Year At A Glance page. The 2014 one is a pdf so it might take a minute to load.

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