Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Memoir '44

It's been a crazy term break, thus far, for us around here. Riddled with Dr visits, power outages, major rain storms, & a whole lot of game playing. Around here when one child goes down for sickness the other is often a little lost for what to do. Jayden had a minor head cold that went from the sniffles to a barking cough. When he refused to eat I scheduled a Dr's appointment. The Dr diagnosed him with a mild case of bronchitis, was leery about our camping trip unless it was going to be warm, & prescribed a couple of medications. One of which wasn't available in our town for another 24 hours. The one that was suppose to help the poor child breathe.

Jayden was feeling miserable after not keeping his first dose of antibiotic down, he's allergic to penicillin & it seems as though what they prescribe in it's place can be a little rougher on his tum. In order to cheer him up Morgan pulled out one of Jayden's favourite games: Memoir '44.

The game reinacts various battles from World War 2. There are many scenarios you can play with the game, & a heap of expansion packs you can get to set up different battles as well. However, each time you play the battles are different based on the roll of the dice or the draw of cards. Each little battle has historical background you read out, & then our troops are set up according to how the battle actually started. From there anything can happen.

They played this game so many times over a few days when Morgan offered to play a game with Jayden to distract themselves from the falling rain Jayden said, "No, I don't think I really want to play Memoir '44.." Considering it's one of his all time favourite games there was a few seconds of silence before Morgan piped up with, "Well, I guess we could play something else then.."

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

That was very sweet of Morgan; you are raising a very considerate young man there.