Monday, October 7, 2013

Math Review

We've spent the entire year using Math U See {MUS} as our math curriculum this year. It's taken us a while, since coming back to a direct math curriculum, to find one that we could sing many praises about.

I won't bore you with all our love for this curriculum here, because we've written an entire review about it for The Curriculum Choice which you can read if you want.

The big thing is, we really love this curriculum. It's the only math curriculum I've met that hasn't ruffled my feathers for one reason or another. I accept that I may be kinda snooty about math & writing curriculums, but I also consider them pretty important to my children's education.

One thing I will say, here, about this curriculum is that if you're switching to it from another math programme you may find placing your children a little difficult as MUS works on mastery & most other curriculums work on a spiral approach. Having said that, once you slip them in it's all smooth sailing from there.

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Edwena said...

Love MUS as well. We have used it from Primer with my ds and he is currently in Zeta. It didn't necessarily work for my dd, but even today I pulled out the MUS blocks to work on division with her. Love the blocks. So glad that you and Candace (I think maybe even Ami)have found MUS and love it. I know you all have great blogs and will be able to help many people find a great curriculum