Saturday, October 12, 2013


When Morgan was a baby the very first book, aside from the Bible he was given before birth, we gave him was Another Monster At The End Of This Book. It was a lovely chubby board book copy & each night we found ourselves reading it as well as The Going To Bed Book. In fact, over time, it became quite customary to not even need either book to read them.

Within two years of the books poor short life it fell apart, quite literally when the spine simply gave up & the cardboard pages fell in our lap. Morgan was mortified that we'd ruined his beloved book. We managed to tape it back together & tried, every so unsuccessfully, to remove the book from the nightly readings. Eventually, I did manage to get the book away from him, I think we bought a second copy, & tossed the original into his baby box.

Recently, upon an op shop trip, we found a pristine copy of The Monster At The End Of This book, which Morgan said was, "Oddly familiar." We had ourselves a good chuckle. The book made an appearance a few nights ago when, in our attempt to distract some peoples from the raging storm outside we grabbed some books to read. It was read with much gusto & an awful lot of pulled faces. I'm not exactly sure most of us heard the well known words to the story because we were too busy laughing about the faces being pulled. It's just one of those kinda books!

The Squeaky Door is another of those sorts of books. The boys checked that one out of our local USA library so much we also knew that one pretty well by heart. That book is best read in a quite whisper until the crazy door within the story makes it odd little noises, or rather loud screeching squeaks!

It doesn't seem to matter that the boys know all the words or have heard the stories a million and one different times or that one of them is months away from being a teenager. They still have those old favourites they haul out to have read to them, but they must be read with all the craziness they are use to or else, "You didn't read it right!!" are words that abound after the less then desirable reading.

I'm pretty sure Jayden never quite adjusted to reading most of the Thomas Train stories on his own. We owned the entire collection of the original series, but Mr S always hated reading bedtime stories that were, "incredibly wordy for this late at night!" & would make up a rather abridged version which always delighted the listener. So much so, the listener would act out the story in the morning with his trains!

Which might explain why my children enjoy taking well known lines & characters from one book & smooshing them together with other books to make up their own quirky little sayings that cause much laughter between the two of them. I'm talking the kinda laughter where one of them, generally Jayden, gasps out, "Wait, stop no more I can't breathe!" and Morgan always assures him, "It's okay you don't have to breathe to hear the next one!"

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