Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ancient History

Next year Morgan will be embarking into ancient history. Lots of our books have arrived, which I had to put up because I couldn't keep either child out of them. Jayden was found perusing them over & over because he felt they looked so interesting. He originally selected to do Adventures In Sea & Sky, so I'm not even sure he'll do ancients next year!

We received a few of our other books for next year in another package that arrived earlier & I have to say I'm trying really hard to resist perusing all the books & getting caught up in their loveliness as we make our way through the remaining weeks of our 2013 school year. In fact, the boys all ready broke into the Drive Thru History DVDs which are fascinating & funny all at the same time. They make a really interesting watch!

We'll be using the above books, plus a few more, alongside part of Sonlight's Core W & Winter Promise's Quest For the Ancients. Or at least that's the plan for now, anything could change between now & the time we start. We'll be using an older version of Core W, not the recently released one with the revamped book list.

In the mean time, I might just have to do the old "flashlight under the covers" trick to read a few of our lovely new books!

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Nancy Ann said...

My husband purchased me a Hermonie wand that lights up for Christmas one year from the Noble Collection and I use this to read by at night!! I love it, it's funny and very useful!!