Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 32

I can't believe another week has passed us by. It's been a crazy one here for us again. Both boys got hit yet again with colds. Seriously, we've never had this much trouble with colds before! It's just unreal that they've been taken down this many times in a row with them.

Despite the colds I told the kids school was on, we don't generally stop school for sickness unless they are flat out. We don't always do a full day, for instance this week no one did any writing or spelling, but we do our theme work & math at the least.

At one point I was trying to balance medicating two kids, a ringing phone, & an assortment of other things when Morgan threw down his Lego Man & said, "Clam down Mom before you lose your head. You wouldn't want to look like this would you?"

Yes, I found it amusing. The same lego man found his lead later in the week but lost both his arms & legs because that's how much it apparently cost him to get outfitted with a head. My kids have a sick sense of humour what can I say..

Morgan's workbook arrived bright & early this week, much to everyone's delight. He pulled it out & sat down to watch the lectures. Then he looked at me & said, "Really?" So, I told him to watch another and another and another until we reached a point where he needed to stop & gain some confidence. He made it through Lesson 8. He understands the principle behind that lesson, but was a little over whelmed with it. Mr Demme knows a lot of short cuts & accepts that there are a variety of ways, sometimes, to do math problems. In this particular lesson he showed ALL the different ways to do it.  Which caused brain overload. Monday he'll watch the video again, pausing after each explanation & trying his hand at that method to decide which method he finds the easiest for himself to use. The blue thing has fraction overlays which he absolutely loves.

The Memory Box was in action again this week, it's suppose to be in action daily, but we've had a few frazzled weeks with dashed breakfasts & last minute risers meaning our box hasn't been being used over breakfast. I pulled it out to start our day this week & that includes the multiplication flash cards inside of it.

Jayden's been skipping every other math lesson for a while now. Truthfully he could skip farther ahead, as I think I mentioned last week, but he needs to build his confidence a little. Thus why the flash cards made their appearance again despite some resistance I was faced with. He was horrified he'd have to memorise 4 facts this week, & then became cross with me for laughing about it. Once he calmed down I pointed out the stories associated with the math facts & he realised why I'd been laughing.

Morgan wrapped up Chapter 8 this week, or all most all of it. We had a few experiments flagged from this chapter & the previous he was going to try out but we haven't gotten to them yet. Maybe this weekend! In the mean time he labeled the human heart & had a grand time telling us all about his science lectures this week. We also pulled up The Magic School Bus Works Out. My kids still enjoy the shows & since they are free to watch on YouTube & a Science website I figured why not since it tied in so very well.

With sickies we pulled out our Adventure In Odyssey devotional & picked up where we last left off over the last week or two. We tend to read this one over the summer as well, it's the 90 Devotions For Kids. I think it was new late last year or early this year, but I honestly can't remember now. I noticed they have a new one coming out soon again!

We wrapped up our studies on Africa which seemed incredibly short to be honest with you, but we've read all our books on Africa & the boys have filled out all their notebooking pages & seem to know an interesting amount of stuff about the continent. I will say that Africa has enough countries to lend itself to a year worth of studies! Having said that they had a glimpse at life in more modern cities as well as villages & they enjoyed themselves. We wrapped up A Long Walk To Water, which is an amazing read about the Lost Boys of Sudan, or rather one specific boy.

Mr S was suppose to work this weekend so Friday we started in on work we'd intended for next week. Thus we read through the introduction on Asia & began our next read aloud: Ali & The Golden Eagle. Can you tell which country we'll be doing next? Mr S came home Friday & announced he wasn't working this weekend which was okay with us, it just means we got a jump start on the week ahead.

A reasonably light week while keeping everyone on track. Here's hoping these colds hit the road & stay gone this year. We've certainly seen enough of them to last us a few cold & flu seasons over!

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