Monday, October 28, 2013

You Can't Make Me

I have this amazing, unique, & wonderful child who resonates with characters in books like Ramona Quimby, David, & Peter Rabbit just to name a few. He’s the kind child who, all though being well meaning, often lands in trouble with his feet caught on the wrong side of the line.

He loves characters who are full of pluck & courage. Characters who aren’t afraid to do what they think is right regardless of what others think. Characters who can think for themselves & act upon those thoughts. It doesn’t matter if the character lands in trouble, in fact generally this is more realistic & appealing to him. Why? Because it so easily mirrors his own life.

I have a child, that for years, I’ve labeled as stubborn. I’ve often spent countless nights praying for him, worrying over him, & wondering if his heart is in the right place or not. This is the child who, without intending to be rude, will simply state, “Yeah, but you can’t make.” It’s not said in a nasty voice, but a matter of fact way. It’s the kinda of statement that makes me want to rip my hair out & throw my own mini tantrum. It’s also the kinda statement that has landed him in a pot of trouble thicker then three day old porridge.

So when I heard the book You Can’t Make Me, But I Can Be Persuaded recommended to a friend I didn’t hesitate to check out the book myself. I didn’t even do my normal, “don’t follow the link, google it yourself” thing. I clicked right on the link & saw that not only was Amazon offering up a kindle edition, meaning I could start reading right away, there was also a copy available at Audible & I had a stack of credits waiting to be used.

I downloaded the book & was delighted to see it was a short listen, compared to the books I normally listen to. It’s still a 3 hour listen. I was often found, mid chore with my mouth hanging open. Not because of the craziness of the example children in the book, but rather because they mirrored my child exactly.

I drank up every word of the book & took it all to heart. I began using many of the tips & techniques right away. Who knew the word “okay” could make so much difference in how you tell your child to do something?! I certainly didn’t, yet that simplistic little word has stopped our child in his tracks many times & brought a bad situation back around.

The thing is, reading the book, or listening in my case, hasn’t just helped me to find better ways to handle those tough moments or even the every day moments. It’s helped me understand my child better. It’s helped me to understand why he’s said some of the crazy things he’s said to us over the years & why he felt they were so absolutely without any doubt in his mind true.

Mr S hasn’t read, or heard, the book yet, but he’s gotten a whole lot of daily rundowns & updates on what I’ve heard & listened to. He’s listened to my excitement grow as I’ve found that “aha” type moment to help me better understand our child. 

I’m not saying the book is a miracle worker or that it’ll make everything perfect. I’m not saying the book will change your child, because it won’t. I don’t want my child to change because I know he was created in the image of God & that, regardless of how we may feel somedays, is exactly how he’s suppose to be. 

What I am saying is if you’ve got one of those children you think is incredibly stubborn & you feel like you’re always at odds with them it can’t hurt to read or listen to the book, right? You never know, you might find some encouragement & help inside yourself too. You can find the Top Ten Tips printable here.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 32

I can't believe another week has passed us by. It's been a crazy one here for us again. Both boys got hit yet again with colds. Seriously, we've never had this much trouble with colds before! It's just unreal that they've been taken down this many times in a row with them.

Despite the colds I told the kids school was on, we don't generally stop school for sickness unless they are flat out. We don't always do a full day, for instance this week no one did any writing or spelling, but we do our theme work & math at the least.

At one point I was trying to balance medicating two kids, a ringing phone, & an assortment of other things when Morgan threw down his Lego Man & said, "Clam down Mom before you lose your head. You wouldn't want to look like this would you?"

Yes, I found it amusing. The same lego man found his lead later in the week but lost both his arms & legs because that's how much it apparently cost him to get outfitted with a head. My kids have a sick sense of humour what can I say..

Morgan's workbook arrived bright & early this week, much to everyone's delight. He pulled it out & sat down to watch the lectures. Then he looked at me & said, "Really?" So, I told him to watch another and another and another until we reached a point where he needed to stop & gain some confidence. He made it through Lesson 8. He understands the principle behind that lesson, but was a little over whelmed with it. Mr Demme knows a lot of short cuts & accepts that there are a variety of ways, sometimes, to do math problems. In this particular lesson he showed ALL the different ways to do it.  Which caused brain overload. Monday he'll watch the video again, pausing after each explanation & trying his hand at that method to decide which method he finds the easiest for himself to use. The blue thing has fraction overlays which he absolutely loves.

The Memory Box was in action again this week, it's suppose to be in action daily, but we've had a few frazzled weeks with dashed breakfasts & last minute risers meaning our box hasn't been being used over breakfast. I pulled it out to start our day this week & that includes the multiplication flash cards inside of it.

Jayden's been skipping every other math lesson for a while now. Truthfully he could skip farther ahead, as I think I mentioned last week, but he needs to build his confidence a little. Thus why the flash cards made their appearance again despite some resistance I was faced with. He was horrified he'd have to memorise 4 facts this week, & then became cross with me for laughing about it. Once he calmed down I pointed out the stories associated with the math facts & he realised why I'd been laughing.

Morgan wrapped up Chapter 8 this week, or all most all of it. We had a few experiments flagged from this chapter & the previous he was going to try out but we haven't gotten to them yet. Maybe this weekend! In the mean time he labeled the human heart & had a grand time telling us all about his science lectures this week. We also pulled up The Magic School Bus Works Out. My kids still enjoy the shows & since they are free to watch on YouTube & a Science website I figured why not since it tied in so very well.

With sickies we pulled out our Adventure In Odyssey devotional & picked up where we last left off over the last week or two. We tend to read this one over the summer as well, it's the 90 Devotions For Kids. I think it was new late last year or early this year, but I honestly can't remember now. I noticed they have a new one coming out soon again!

We wrapped up our studies on Africa which seemed incredibly short to be honest with you, but we've read all our books on Africa & the boys have filled out all their notebooking pages & seem to know an interesting amount of stuff about the continent. I will say that Africa has enough countries to lend itself to a year worth of studies! Having said that they had a glimpse at life in more modern cities as well as villages & they enjoyed themselves. We wrapped up A Long Walk To Water, which is an amazing read about the Lost Boys of Sudan, or rather one specific boy.

Mr S was suppose to work this weekend so Friday we started in on work we'd intended for next week. Thus we read through the introduction on Asia & began our next read aloud: Ali & The Golden Eagle. Can you tell which country we'll be doing next? Mr S came home Friday & announced he wasn't working this weekend which was okay with us, it just means we got a jump start on the week ahead.

A reasonably light week while keeping everyone on track. Here's hoping these colds hit the road & stay gone this year. We've certainly seen enough of them to last us a few cold & flu seasons over!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ancient History

Next year Morgan will be embarking into ancient history. Lots of our books have arrived, which I had to put up because I couldn't keep either child out of them. Jayden was found perusing them over & over because he felt they looked so interesting. He originally selected to do Adventures In Sea & Sky, so I'm not even sure he'll do ancients next year!

We received a few of our other books for next year in another package that arrived earlier & I have to say I'm trying really hard to resist perusing all the books & getting caught up in their loveliness as we make our way through the remaining weeks of our 2013 school year. In fact, the boys all ready broke into the Drive Thru History DVDs which are fascinating & funny all at the same time. They make a really interesting watch!

We'll be using the above books, plus a few more, alongside part of Sonlight's Core W & Winter Promise's Quest For the Ancients. Or at least that's the plan for now, anything could change between now & the time we start. We'll be using an older version of Core W, not the recently released one with the revamped book list.

In the mean time, I might just have to do the old "flashlight under the covers" trick to read a few of our lovely new books!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Planning Ahead

I like to be prepared. I really do, not that one can be prepared for all the unexpected things that happen along in life. No one can predict when your child will slice through his leg & need stitches. No one can predict when a storm will strike & knock out the power for long periods of time. No one can really predict your roof flying off or anything like that, but it can happen.

When I say I like to be prepared I like to prepare myself for the upcoming things I can predict. When we'll start school. Where our Terms will lay & things like that. A year or two ago I was introduced to a planning calendar much like the one I've got above. It was awkward to use at first with vertical lines compared to horizontal calendar lines, but within a short time I was pretty hooked.

The idea is to use the blank papers to write in the numerical dates for the year ahead, January - December. Then block off holidays & school weeks. I haven't officially blocked off school weeks defining our terms yet, but I did block in known holidays or times I know Mr S will most likely be home from work. We don't school when he has a day off, we spend the time with him instead.

The pencil writing on the top of my sheet is the length of weeks in regards to the local public school terms. Sometimes we follow the same outline, such as this year, & sometimes we don't. Next year, we were considering starting back a bit earlier & eventually levelling out by term 2 or 3, but there's an upcoming family wedding which may throw those plans askew. Not that it matters at all, isn't that the beauty of homeschooling?

I like planning out our year in advanced so that we can see how & where things will easily slip in on our calendar when the unexpected comes up. It helps us know where we can bump things around too. I generally fill out the pages towards the end of one school year & have them officially filled in during summer holidays. This year I seem to have gotten a bit of a head start, but shockingly enough we only have 6 more weeks of school for the year!

Want a set of the pages for yourself? You can find them on an old post here for download. Just click on the large pictures & print out. Or you can get the new stripy one here along with a matching 2014 Year At A Glance page. The 2014 one is a pdf so it might take a minute to load.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 31

We really did start back to Term 4 last week, despite not having fallen behind in our week in review posts. Ever have a crazy week like that which then boils into the weekend, which then dribbles into the following week? That's us.

We lack a little of our get-up-and-go power thus far this term. Maybe it's the constant spring chill & drizzle instead of the lovely summer warmth that we've been eagerly awaiting for months now. Or maybe it's the fact that we feel close enough to the finish line we've got a running countdown in action, I'm pretty sure the only thing keeping the kids from making a countdown chain is the fact that they wake up each morning announcing how many more weeks we have to go.

Christmas plans are all ready being discussed, like which books we'll read over the month of December, & what they'd like to make or give to various family members. I've even been working on setting up planners for next year! Ahh, but it's hard to stay focused when you just want to play!

We started a new hymn this term. Sadly, the music we have for this song is far too slow compared to the pace at which I remember singing it growing up, but it's a good pace for the boys as they start out with it. We'll stay with this song for another 2 weeks before moving on. The idea was to work on a new song each month this school year, all though some months were shorter then others so we chose just to sing each song we'd learned previously over the course of a week. We still sing Advance Australia Fair as well, in fact we had some interesting renditions of it during Footy Finals which left Mr S somewhere between tears & laughter, I'm still not utterly convinced the tears weren't from some of key singing, but anyway..

While both boys still read to me, they also read on their own for fun. Jayden's read this book through so many times! It's one of his favourites. It's an ANZAC book told in comic book style, & as you can see from the picture the ANZAC boys are all Roos & other Aussie wildlife. Morgan's been reading a rather small printed chapter book on his own, I don't discourage him reading but I confess to being a little worried about the print. It was a struggle, font wise, the first few times he read it, but his eyes seem to have adjusted to the tiny print & he's doing amazing with it!

Both boys only had spelling review last week. I wanted to be sure nothing had been forgotten in their time off & each child had at least 1-2 words that had been causing some stumbling & holding them back from officially ticking off a step in their book. They both did fine & managed to conquer the word{s} that had been tripping them up. I'm finding that Jayden does better using the magnets/tiles for spelling time & Morgan tends to do better just using the dry erase marker & the sliding door. I'm glad that the same programme can cater to each need.

We picked up with writing where we left off with Morgan. In order to practice some things he's learned this year in spelling & grammar we'd moved back to Writing With Ease with him for the remainder of the year. It was party in prep to move him from non-ficiton thinking to fictional thinking as he embarks on writing a story this summer, his own personal goal.

 Jayden started using Writing From Ancient History which is a lovely lovely book we've been given in exchange for a review. His story was that of Joseph this week. It's one of his all time very favourite, never ever tires of hearing it, Bible stories. He requested that next week we read a war story from the book. I love that he has an opinion now on what kind of stories he enjoys. And yes, he was trying to use that tiny stub of a pencil before I suggested a bigger one, it's time order new pencils for next year! Don't ask about the tweezers, he most likely used them to pick his nose.

You'll have to settle for another picture of spelling while I talk about math, somehow I have no math pictures from last week! Jayden bounced around a bit in his Gamma book. He's honestly worried about progressing for fear of not knowing the information. However, I pulled out Times Alive! The same programme he learned his multiplication facts with several years ago. The same programme that we still use the flashcards from. It brought it all flooding back to him. We did pause at the 9x lesson because he's not as quick as he should be with those facts. I think we'll use Mr Demme's idea of presenting one problem a day to the children over & over until it's memorised.

Morgan started Epsilon. He knows a considerably great deal about fractions & as his textbook was a few days out still we went ahead & practiced a few fraction problems that he'd learned in Delta just to be sure he knew it. A friend let us borrow their Epsilon DVD so he could watch some of those lectures next week until our own arrived. It was a pretty gentle math week for him, but he didn't seem to mind & made great use of the skills he's all ready gained.

Thursday it was back to swim lessons. Morgan has the yellow shark cap on Jayden is in the bottom lefthand corner of the picture. Excuse the extra child, he sure likes to chat with my boys. The boys were delighted to be back to swimming. As a family we decided to take 2 full weeks off from all practices as well during our term break so they were suffering from swimming with drawls. I have to say lessons were a bit funny this week because each time he asked if someone knew how to do something Jayden was first to volunteer & then he'd proceed to not only do it, but do it exactly as desired. Both boys have excelled to being able to swim under water from one end of the pool to the other without need for a breath. There were also some new kids in their class & my crazy boys were swimming two laps to the other children's one, not something I'd normally mention but it was interesting to see as they've both worked very hard on their skills this year & it was nice for them to see just how far they'd come.

Friday we met up with friends & went to visit a blacksmith. He showed us how he makes a great many things & told how a blacksmith is never for want of tools because he can simply make them if doesn't have what he needs. He then proceeded to show us some tools he'd made in order to build a wagon, which he also showed us. It was a lovely trip that the boys chatted long into the night about. In fact, on our long journey home we stopped off for some water bottles & the clerk asked if they'd had a good day at school & I said, "Oh they had an excursion to a blacksmith's today!" She was so excited to know all about it that I was afraid we'd never get out of the shop.

Despite having no pictures of the work the kids also moved along in their theme work this week as well. Jayden felt the pace for learning about more then one African country was like racing around the world instead of enjoying it. We all agreed with him! We also read the book Journey To Jo'Burg which might have encouraged his feelings of "racing" as the story was about two children racing against time to get their Mamma & bring her back home to help save their sick sister. It's a quick read, but a very deep & moving story.

It was an interesting read after having first read Seekers Of The Lost Boys which had all ready explained apartheid to them. All in all a great week back to school here for us. We did take Thursday as a half day as well & went to the park to play with friends. We'd had an incredibly stressful Wednesday & after getting our theme work out of the way we felt the need to relax & refresh with friends.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Term 4 Here We Come

Despite a two week break here I still had a little planning to do in order to fill in the remainder of our school calendar with our final bit of studies. I sketched it all out on notebooking paper, filled in dates & plugged it into the calendars & planners around the house.

We have 8 more weeks of school to wrap up taking us through a few more African countries & across a good portion of Asia as well. We should wrap up all our literature, save two books which we'll aim to read before the Christmas holiday as we have big time plans for various summer reading for ourselves!

We're eager to wrap up our school year, because it means plenty of warm weather & beach time ahead for us! Annual camp trips & indulging a bit longer in late nights & good reads.

It'll also be nice to bring all our studies to an end for the year. The boys have some little goals they are aiming for & I'll be cheering them on as they make their way through the next 8 weeks. Most of them are reasonably attainable, such as Morgan wrapping up his current science book. Some might not be, but I'm not going to stop them from trying!

You know, though, the hardest part of any term is the first day back. Isn't it? I've all ready had a child putting in a prayer request, another stressing over when he'll have time to read his book. Then there's the typical, "Will we be able to run into town tomorrow & do.." Ahh yes, that wonderful first day back, I've been prepping the boys for it over the weekend & Morgan finally summed up everyone's opinion with, "The first Monday back always stinks!" Ha, here's hoping our first Monday back is actually completely awesome! And if not, I think a chocolate cake might be in order..

Saturday, October 12, 2013


When Morgan was a baby the very first book, aside from the Bible he was given before birth, we gave him was Another Monster At The End Of This Book. It was a lovely chubby board book copy & each night we found ourselves reading it as well as The Going To Bed Book. In fact, over time, it became quite customary to not even need either book to read them.

Within two years of the books poor short life it fell apart, quite literally when the spine simply gave up & the cardboard pages fell in our lap. Morgan was mortified that we'd ruined his beloved book. We managed to tape it back together & tried, every so unsuccessfully, to remove the book from the nightly readings. Eventually, I did manage to get the book away from him, I think we bought a second copy, & tossed the original into his baby box.

Recently, upon an op shop trip, we found a pristine copy of The Monster At The End Of This book, which Morgan said was, "Oddly familiar." We had ourselves a good chuckle. The book made an appearance a few nights ago when, in our attempt to distract some peoples from the raging storm outside we grabbed some books to read. It was read with much gusto & an awful lot of pulled faces. I'm not exactly sure most of us heard the well known words to the story because we were too busy laughing about the faces being pulled. It's just one of those kinda books!

The Squeaky Door is another of those sorts of books. The boys checked that one out of our local USA library so much we also knew that one pretty well by heart. That book is best read in a quite whisper until the crazy door within the story makes it odd little noises, or rather loud screeching squeaks!

It doesn't seem to matter that the boys know all the words or have heard the stories a million and one different times or that one of them is months away from being a teenager. They still have those old favourites they haul out to have read to them, but they must be read with all the craziness they are use to or else, "You didn't read it right!!" are words that abound after the less then desirable reading.

I'm pretty sure Jayden never quite adjusted to reading most of the Thomas Train stories on his own. We owned the entire collection of the original series, but Mr S always hated reading bedtime stories that were, "incredibly wordy for this late at night!" & would make up a rather abridged version which always delighted the listener. So much so, the listener would act out the story in the morning with his trains!

Which might explain why my children enjoy taking well known lines & characters from one book & smooshing them together with other books to make up their own quirky little sayings that cause much laughter between the two of them. I'm talking the kinda laughter where one of them, generally Jayden, gasps out, "Wait, stop no more I can't breathe!" and Morgan always assures him, "It's okay you don't have to breathe to hear the next one!"

Friday, October 11, 2013

MadLib Fun..

My boys have been big Mad Lib fans for years. Many years ago when they were much younger we had fun teaching about parts of speech via Mad Libs. At that time my boys had a gift subscription to National Geographic For Kids & at the back of each magazine was a Mad Lib. Each night at dinner Mr S would ask for paper & pen & we'd go around the table naming parts of speech to fill in the blanks. Then we'd have a great drum roll before he'd read it out, & most nights there were a few hardy slaps on the back to make sure no one choked on vegetables while laughing.

We found a great man free Mad Libs online for all sorts of themes from seasons to well known characters. Then a couple of years ago for Christmas I bought each of the boys 2 Mad Libs. One that was open ended & one a little more specifically themed. These books still make their presence known when the kids copy off a Mad Lib & spend ages collecting data from people.

Let's face it, Mad Libs are fun! They are silly short stories or paragraphs with missing words & when you supply the missing words you change the story a bit. Sometimes words supplies keep the entire meaning & text of the Mad Lib the same, at which point people within this home scream "Unfair!" & the Mad Lib is done again. Other times the context is so humorous the reader often has to pass the paper to someone else because they are both crying & laughing simultaneously & we can't understand anything they are saying.

One evening last week while Nana was visiting the boys were restless. Countless rain can do that to a person. I suggested Mad Libs & the boys requested one based on the Harry Potter books we'd been reading. We don't own any Harry Potter Mad Libs, all though there a few slightly random ones out there you can google & try out. So I suggested something a little less difficult to come by & Mr S went round & round the room waiting for the boys to explain various parts of speech to those who couldn't remember. Nana dubbed the game wonderful because it made her think about things she'd long forgotten.

When they got to the end of their game I presented them with a homemade Harry Potter Mad Lib. This was easy & difficult all at the same time. It was easy because all you have to do is copy a well known passage from a book, then go back through & remove parts of speech with blank spaces & noting what type of word needs to be reinserted into the blank.

However, I also found it difficult with these books but the author is an incredibly talented writer. Her writing is so immensely descriptive & flows so beautifully that finding starting & stopping points proved a little more difficult then I'd anticipated. It took me much longer then I thought it would, but the results were worth it because the boys were really excited!

I quickly gathered my intel filling in the blanks as we went, but I'm afraid I fell apart at the end laughing so hard I had to pass the paper to Mr S who never even got a word out of his mouth before he fell apart laughing. It took us a few minutes to compose ourselves & finish reading out the last sentence, which caused the entire house to erupt in laughter & then beg to do it again.

Of course now they want me to do it with more of the books we've read & they love so much. Taking the well known passages & turning them into Mad Libs. All though, I'm thinking they should use their own knowledge to remove words & create Mad Libs. You never know what we might end up with then!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spelling Review

Our review from the Sequential Spelling programme that we used last year is up over at The Curriculum Choice if you're interested in reading it. I say that we used last year, because we started out using it this year but moved to All About Spelling. I still stand by my original review of Sequential Spelling & still love the simplicity & ease of the programme. Each programme works in its own way & while both programmes have heavily benefited our boys we chose to try out AAS this year in order for the boys to learn why words are spelled the way they are in order to help them when they encounter words they don't know. Anyway, if you're interested in the Sequential Spelling programme feel free to check out our thoughts on it & how we made it work on the ipad!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Power Outage

During one of those miserable stormy day we had a loaded schedule. Jayden had a Dr's appointment in the little costal town over from us, Nana has a physical therapy appointment, I was suppose to be packing to go camping, & we had company headed in from out of town. I'm just gonna say that getting prescriptions filled is a tricky business when most chemists have no power.

It was to the point where I'd run up to a door, bang on it until someone showed face & beg to know if they had the breathing medication I was after. The whole time the boys would sit in the car & shout, "You forgot your umbrella!!" Good times, friends, good times.

When we got home we had just enough time to feed everyone lunch, watch Jayden get sick on his medication, clean it up, call the Dr to sort out what he wanted me to do, & then dash Nana across town for her appointment. I was wondering if the office she needed to go to would still be running as many businesses in town gave up on the power situation, which would come on flicker like mad & then go out again. This particular building has a lot happening in it at one time & they'd stuck it out.

Upon returning back home I discovered that our power was finally out. The power company was headed our way to clean up a tree downed on the power lines, but the council expected them to be a long time in getting out there & obviously an unknown time for getting the mess cleaned up. Other areas of town were all ready topping out at 5 & 6 hours without power!

We were in a bit of a pickle, because in order to conserve heat we needed to close the blinds, but if we did our house was pitch black. So we split the difference & closed all blinds except in the main room of our house. 3 hours after the power truck had arrived at the scene we still had no power & Jayden's cough was gaining speed. Not to be outdone by something as simple as a power outage I had him raid the footy box & we wrapped him up in the footy scarf. The thing is like 8' long!

Then I heated up the gas barbecue outside & parked him next to it to warm up. At that point Nana was having tea withdrawals so we slapped a pan of water on there to boil & some potatoes for dinner considering it was after 5. I was still sopping wet & freezing myself so I decided it was time to dry my hair out over the grill. Yep, you read that right. It's probably a really good thing it was still coming down in bucket loads so that the neighbors weren't busy peeking over the fence wondering if I was trying to flambé my hair or something.

We were without power, in the end, for a good 5 hours. And they really were good 5 hours. There was an awful lot of snuggling under quilts, game playing, & even some insane conversations. Like when I said:

"Man I sure wish the power would come on so I could dry out!" And Nana responded with, "I hope it's on before I miss my programme!" In which we had to weigh out which one was far more important .. drying out or watching a trivia quiz how. I'm still pretty sure that the trivia programme won out..

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Memoir '44

It's been a crazy term break, thus far, for us around here. Riddled with Dr visits, power outages, major rain storms, & a whole lot of game playing. Around here when one child goes down for sickness the other is often a little lost for what to do. Jayden had a minor head cold that went from the sniffles to a barking cough. When he refused to eat I scheduled a Dr's appointment. The Dr diagnosed him with a mild case of bronchitis, was leery about our camping trip unless it was going to be warm, & prescribed a couple of medications. One of which wasn't available in our town for another 24 hours. The one that was suppose to help the poor child breathe.

Jayden was feeling miserable after not keeping his first dose of antibiotic down, he's allergic to penicillin & it seems as though what they prescribe in it's place can be a little rougher on his tum. In order to cheer him up Morgan pulled out one of Jayden's favourite games: Memoir '44.

The game reinacts various battles from World War 2. There are many scenarios you can play with the game, & a heap of expansion packs you can get to set up different battles as well. However, each time you play the battles are different based on the roll of the dice or the draw of cards. Each little battle has historical background you read out, & then our troops are set up according to how the battle actually started. From there anything can happen.

They played this game so many times over a few days when Morgan offered to play a game with Jayden to distract themselves from the falling rain Jayden said, "No, I don't think I really want to play Memoir '44.." Considering it's one of his all time favourite games there was a few seconds of silence before Morgan piped up with, "Well, I guess we could play something else then.."

Monday, October 7, 2013

Math Review

We've spent the entire year using Math U See {MUS} as our math curriculum this year. It's taken us a while, since coming back to a direct math curriculum, to find one that we could sing many praises about.

I won't bore you with all our love for this curriculum here, because we've written an entire review about it for The Curriculum Choice which you can read if you want.

The big thing is, we really love this curriculum. It's the only math curriculum I've met that hasn't ruffled my feathers for one reason or another. I accept that I may be kinda snooty about math & writing curriculums, but I also consider them pretty important to my children's education.

One thing I will say, here, about this curriculum is that if you're switching to it from another math programme you may find placing your children a little difficult as MUS works on mastery & most other curriculums work on a spiral approach. Having said that, once you slip them in it's all smooth sailing from there.