Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I'm Reading

I've always got a few too many books going & often don't have time {or perhaps I don't use it wisely enough} to read them all. Which means I'll have plenty to keep me busy during our up coming term break. Nothing like a little camping getaway with a stack of good books to read!

1. Give Them Grace -- I'm listening to the audio version of it & all most wish I had the hard copy as I find myself dashing for paper & pen to write half of what she says down. Which means I've taken to trying to only listen to it when I have time to sit & write my notes. Pretty sure I could fill a book with the lovelies inside. Because I purchased the audible version I could obtain the Kindle version at a discounted price, but I'm not sure if I want an ebook or a proper book. Either way, the narrator is amazing & so is the book which makes for a lovely & easy listen.

2. Asleep In Christ -- This is a book a friend recommended/gave to Mom & after she read it she passed it my way. The font is incredibly tiny in the book!! I haven't gotten very far in it because tiny font at night doesn't seem to work with my eyes, but I am very eager to read the book & what I've read thus far has been good.

3. When Children Love To Learn -- This one's been on my WishList for a few years as I'm always looking for a little uplifting encouragement for homeschooling. I finally purchased it last month & after awaiting it's long arrival dug in. The chapters are super long as they are each written by someone different & take on a topic of home education all their own. The chapters are also pretty heavy so it's been a bit of slow progress with that book as well. Don't get me wrong, it just means a lot of thinking over what one reads.

4. The Self Propelled Advantage -- I've mentioned this book a few times here recently & I'm seriously enjoying the book. The chapters are considerably shorter compared to the above book, but they are equally thick in regard to stopping & digesting what's in them. In fact I've been mulling over the last topic I read for a week or more now! The book is a wonderful guide if your looking for a little inspiration, guide, or simply the thumbs up for turning your children's education over to them. Which is the entire idea behind the premise of the book, that a child who is in charge of their own education will strive harder & do better.

5. Trim Healthy Mama -- You've heard about this book right? I'm always interested when it discusses the lack of using wheat, all though many of the recipes included in this book use some form of dairy that I can't have. Still, the principles behind the theory are interesting! It's a pretty quick read, but it's a pretty big book! I'm about halfway through this one.

6. Laying Down The Rails -- I listened, a couple of years ago to the chat that Sonya Schaffer did on this topic & the ebook came with the chat. I have looked through the ebook on an edevice, but finally got the crazy thing printed out & bound up. It goes along with a book I've purchased to use next year & I wanted to have the parent companion hand & on my mind again. It speaks about a topic pretty high on our priority list right now: habits. The idea being that even if you don't create good habits in your children they will create their own, ones that will stick with them through their life. Thus, isn't it better to make sure the habits created are ones worthy of having for a lifetime?

7. The Whole Enchilada -- I've been eagerly anticipating the release of this book from one of my favourite authors! I've picked up the audio book to listen to while I'm doing chores & other such things around the house, or out walking. I will warn that these books will occasionally have language in them. They are mysteries that a caterer always seems to find herself involved in, but since she's a caterer she also shares the recipes she makes in the book. If I remember correctly the recipes in this particular book were meant to be lower carb.

8. Nature Study, Nature Journals, & Poetry Through The Year -- I mentioned this one a few years ago that I'd purchased & I pulled it out again because I have a few things I'd like to do with it over the course of term break or the summer to line up for next year. We'll see what happens. {Not pictured.} It's currently on special at Currclick. {affiliate link above to sale item.}

9. Nature Studies In Australia -- This is a lovely old book, which is not pictured, that I purchased used last year. My hope is to match this with the book above, to a small degree, & come up with some lovely plans for us to use next year or over the summer.

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christinelovesrexx said...

I'm currently using the Trim Healthy Mama method and have lost 30 lbs. I can have dairy though. I know there are facebook groups that are specifically on using THM with allergies/special diets that may help if you are interested though.