Friday, September 27, 2013

Week In Review 2013: Week 30

 And just like that we wrapped up Term 3! It was a tough week for the boys, though, as they just wanted to get on with the fun of being on break. I couldn't truly blame them, but I reminded them that it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying if we didn't finish up our intended goals. So terry on we did.

We were still done by midmorning on Thursday, all though I do believe 1 child has a couple of science sessions lingering. We'll have a small discussion/meeting about that & decide what he wants to do. They could be pushed to next term, but it will mean that he can't slack off as he'll be on a slightly narrower deadline to finish it up by the time we wrap up all of our final term.

We wrapped up both these books on Africa this week & will start some new books on said country next term. My boys adored the top book which was added in to our literature as the author sent us a copy in exchange for a review. The bottom book was our first African missionary: David Livingstone. We found him a little disappointing to be honest. Or at least I did. I found his story lacking spiritually compared to the other missionaries we've learned about this year, & thus I found many of his choices & actions very selfish.

We enjoyed reading about Libya this week in our Children Around The World book. Yes, we're leaving a continent undone between terms, but we'll wrap it up upon our return. In the mean time this was the country we focused on this week as well as a gentle introduction to the peoples of Africa.

They each worked on some notebooking pages about Libya too. This weeks pages encouraged a lot of writing from the readings we did, which was lovely. Sometimes the pages just require drawing or cutting & pasting, but this time there was a significant amount of writing too.

Jayden moved forward with his science learning about pandas, which he doesn't remember seeing in person many years ago, & sea otters which he also saw in person once upon a time. Don't ask about the pencil... I suggested against it because I felt the top end heaviness would lead to poor penmanship, he disagreed. Needless to say the pencil is now banned from copywork sessions.

Morgan finished off some little things from Chapter 6 in his science book & moved into Chapter 7. The idea had been to finish up all of Chapter 7 this week, which was well scheduled in order for him to accomplish it, but goodness it was hard to concentrate this week. We'll discuss his options for that later.

Morgan gained a few more lessons in AAS 2 this week while Jayden may have finally tackled the lessons holding him back in Level 1. Time will tell, all though I don't expect absolute perfection each time I need to see more right then wrong too. Having said that I saw a lot of rules applied & used in their notebooking pages this week which was a good sign that when we start back in Term 4 they'll both be ready to keep moving forward.

They both had 2 practices & lessons this week, hurrah! Yes, that's one of my children wearing a shark cap in the pool. It cracked most of us up. It was a lovely quiet lesson this week as only one other child aside from ours showed up. We've decided we'll take a full 2 week break from all swimming.

And now we're ready to relax!

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