Saturday, September 21, 2013

Too Much Noise

The other night, after we purchased the stack of books, Morgan curled up in a chair to read the one he'd selected, which was actually a TinTin book. My kids are pretty keen on Tintin & constantly discussing it with Mr S who read them as a child himself. I think they've even loaned a few copies of the ones they have to an Auntie who wanted to read them.

Our home is rarely quiet. In fact, when my children were little & I put them down for naps I use to have to turn on the tv or the radio, anything, or I'd fall asleep because of the lack of noise. Now a days the boys are always chatting about something, discussing something, arguing about something, experimenting with something. Sometimes there's 4 of them talking at once because they record themselves & then roll with laughter at the weird things they've done.

On this particular evening Jayden was rewatching one of this many videos, which he cranked all the way up. Nana was chatting with Mr S, about what I have no idea because generally their conversations go in circles. I was sitting on the floor attempting to add a few key things to our mega Australian map & gave up on it to help Jayden write that script for his play. Which had Jayden so excited he kept randomly jumping up off the floor squealing, "Daddy will you be able to.." & then he'd squeal, "I'm so excited I've got butterflies in my stomach!"

It was when Jayden suggested Morgan play a part in his movie & Morgan said nothing that we realised Morgan had been saying very little & we turned around to find him sitting in the chair with his fingers jammed in his ears deeply engrossed in his Tintin book. I'm not sure how long it took before he realised we were all staring at him, but he laid the book aside when he realised he had a part in the makings of that WW 2 play.

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