Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Mad Scientists Club

No, we didn't start a new club with friends, we found a book on our shelves. Each year for Christmas since the boys were babies they've always been given books. It's just one of those lovely traditions. Some years the books are ones they've read throughout the year & fell in love with. Like the time I bought Morgan a few Humphrey Hamster books & a little stuffed Hamster to go with it. Then there are years when we get them books that they've not read, but we know they'll enjoy. Like last year when we bought Morgan a book on building robots, complete with parts! The ideas are truly endless.

Grandparents also join in on this lovely tradition. The boys have scored some really lovely books over the years & of course books given to them by grandparents tend to be a little bit more cherished. In fact last night we heard a whole bunch of noise coming from the room the boys were sleeping in & upon deciding we'd break in & catch them in the act we realised they'd pulled out a book Mom had sent them. One of those books you can record yourself reading, needless to say no one was sprung for anything!

I can't honestly remember if it was last year or the year before but Mom selected a lovely collection of stories called The Mad Scientists' Club. This was one of those situations where we'd never read the books before, but were really excited to read it! In fact, the book was selected as the "summer camp book". Do you have one of those?

When we go camping my boys love being read to sleep, or while waiting for Daddy& cousins to wake up, uncles to return from early morning runs, etc. Of course we have to be careful, because we've lost our books to said family members when we've left them laying around camp. We'll never forget the night we were quietly reading our book in the tent when the boys Nana's voice rang out with, "Who took that book about the dog that's a spy? I was really enjoying that book & I can't find it anywhere!" There were a few snickers, turned gaffaws emanating from our tent.

As for The Mad Scientists' Club we never ended up reading it! I don't truly remember exactly what happened & why the book was never packed with the camp supplies, or if it was why we never read it. Needless to say it spent all year, once school started, sitting on the shelf collecting dust while it awaited someone to open it up & read it. While moving Morgan to a new room I emptied his bookcase & found the book.

Upon sitting on the floor & reading through some of it & admiring the art work in it, I love how the older books use to have the occasional drawn picture inside!, Morgan said, "You never read us that book! We were going to read that anytime we camped & you never did!!" Needless to say when the mention of a possible camping trip was coming up between term breaks the book was rescued from the shelf where I promptly covered it contact paper, hey anything can happen while camping! & then flagged the first story in the book.

Not being familiar with the books I'm choosing to read them out of publication order. Now, as a die hard Narnia fan I'd roll my eyes if I heard someone suggesting doing this, so if you're a die hard Mad Scientist Fan you'll have to forgive us! We read that The Big Kerplop! is actually the first in the series & explains how the club was started, how the protagonist came to be such a person, & other tidbits despite being published many years after the first book.

Funny thing is, we also learned that the author had the exclamation mark in the book title, but when it went to print the published dropped the exclamation mark. Go figure! Anyway, apparently upon reprint, or was it second print, brought the exclamation point back. Now that we know a little back story to the books we're even more excited to dig into it during term break. I doubt we'll finish the entire collection during that time, but that's okay we'll be camping during summer holidays too!

Of course, now we're curious to know if anyone out there has ever read The Mad Scientists' Club? Have you read any of the books? Our lovely big book has all 4 titles combined into one: The Mad Scientists' ClubThe New Adventures of The Mad Scientists' Club, The Big Kerplop! & The Big Chunk of Ice. So, how about it, have you read any of these books?


Michele said...

It is funny your post is about this book! I was just looking at it today as one of the read alouds for our book club this year. It did not make it on our list since it is not readily available from our library (we try to keep costs down for our group). But I think this book will be on my Christmas buying list this year! Our boys get books for Christmas too!

Nancy Ann said...

Michelle -Purple House Press sells these and they have some available in their bargain basement section. I purchased several FIAR books we did not own for only about $7 each. I really like them. My next splurge for books I am thinking of getting the Mad Scientist books, I think Elijah will like them.

Thanks for the reminder of these great books Kendra!