Saturday, September 28, 2013

Taking Notes

When Morgan listens to his science I've mentioned that I have him take notes. Normally he tucks them in his pocket or puts them somewhere safe until he's ready to tell me about things he's learned. This week we sat down right away & he slapped that paper on the table. I took one look at it & had no idea what any of it meant. Not one clue. Not that I had to know, they were his notes. But seriously, not one clue!!

Would you believe those crazy drawings that look like they belong on a cave wall somewhere equaled a good 20 minutes of telling me all about what he learned, filled a notebooking page & two booklets for his notebook, & he still managed to remember more things throughout the day.

I don't require proper note taking for things like this because I feel it's better he concentrate on leaving reminders for himself in whatever way possible that won't distract him from the lectures. When I take notes it looks a lot different. I have sentences written down, things scribbled in the margins, a few diagrams, some words circles, underlined, or even boxed in. You know the way it goes, right?

Jayden takes notes too when he's listening to his science, but they often result in words. Just one word will spur his memory to remember full pages of information as well, or at least enough information to show he understood the days lesson. He does, occasionally, draw a picture here or there, but not very often when he's taking notes.

Funnily enough, I'm pretty sure each person's note taking represents them rather well. Which leaves a person wondering exactly how others choose to take notes in non formal settings...


Tracey Clifford said...

I think that note taking reflects whomever is taking the notes too. Ashley draws birds all over her stuff and Cassidy draws anything and everything from whatever book/movie she is obsessed with at the moment.

Tracey Clifford said...

We did that human anatomy last year. Do they like it?