Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Is..

When I flipped over the kitchen calendar this month I was a bit surprised to see that it was considered National Homeschool Month. Did you know that? I had no idea! Which makes one wonder which nation?

September also means the first of Spring for us, which was a very exciting moment to think that winter was officially over. In all fairness we had a lovely mild winter, but the past month of, near, non-stop rain was about to do us all in. Spring came in like a lamb, which I've failed to mention to the gang, mostly because I'd rather our storm fearing child doesn't think about it going out like a lion.

We had enough "lion" type storms this winter to last us a while. Nothing quite says excitement like moving a bookcase full of books & having the power go out. True story. I was in the process of moving Morgan's bedroom that evening & with a lovely wonderful pop the power went out. Mr S said, "That's handy." One child said, "Great.." while the other only whimpered. I told everyone, "Remain calm & grab a hand so you don't trip on my piles of books! I've got my phone in my pocket so I'll turn on the torch & we can go find a candle."

Only, my phone turned out to be the camera so we snapped pictures of blackness up two hallways in order to ignite the flash so we could find a candle. Of course once we reached the matches the power came back on. Nothing like a little excitement in our evening! I handed out headlamps before it went out a second time & third..

We decided to settle in for a showing of Nanny Mcphee, which worked great until a tree on the reserve behind us came down & took out the power which echoed through the speakers hooked up to our keyboard. Which was the moment when a certain someone said, "Oops, I forgot to turn it off!"

Yep, we're pretty happy Spring came in like a lamb, & we'd be most grateful if it went out like one too!

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